Italy Pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai

Italy pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai will be a huge experience of a journey which will take you to the heart of the country. Through this pavilion you can witness how beauty connect people and creation comes from various places. Then control it into an extraordinary journey by the beauty of Italy. This pavilion will be a good source to show Italy’s outstanding past, present and future.

Italy is a European country with a largest Mediterranean bank. Italy left strong impact on western culture and foods. The capital of the country is Rome, which is known as a home to the Vatican and the famous sign of art and old ruins.

Italy is a safe European country. There violent crimes are very less in numbers and tourists don’t face any kind of big issues regarding crimes. People visit Italy usually for its rich and unique culture, history, fashion, cuisine and art, beautiful beaches, mountains and old famous monuments.

Features of South Korean pavilion

  • To locate a memorable experience that represents new educational, professional and business chances.
  • To watch buildings, system and technologies directing the tasks of sustainability, annular economy and digital architecture.
  • To promote new types of cooperation, participation and achievement via cultural and scientific statesmanship.

Theme of the Italy pavilion ‘Beauty connects people’

With the theme that describes recycling, digitally and circularity recompose architecture, the pavilion is made up of 3 boats, which will be transferred into the roofs cape and the back bone of the design or structure.

This design is combining sustainability in the basic of the concept, the project uses special construction materials like orange peels and coffee grounds which will attired the skywalk, hypo fungus plant and recycled plastic uprooting from the ocean to engross with the circular economy.

It is stated that Italy brings a creation Hub to Expo, a pavilion with a creative structure, inspired by the most favorite element of sustainability and circular economy. Which will not just an exhibition but a demonstration of Italian capability and national level best talent.

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Architect and design ‘Carlo Ratti, Italo Rota, Matteo Gatto, F&M engineering’

Italy has officially revealed the concept of the Italy pavilion for Expo 2020, sign by the companies of Carlo Ratti, Italo Rota building office, F&M engineering and Matteo Gatto Associate.

The international design competition arranged to endow the assignment for the pavilion which will be presenting the country. The architectural expect offered by the winning company is identified the idea of using ‘the framework of three Italian boats appearing by sea, that they describe in Pavilion. They will be moved up and downwards and will raise next to each other on high pillars, converting themselves into the shelter of the pavilion.

These three hulls seen from above painted in a different style, will have the emergence of three petals which will make the colors of Italian flag. The architecture commemorates the history of Italian men and search who have passed the distant lands and seas over the centuries. It will show the connection and bonding with the whole world.

Construction of the pavilion

Construction work has started of Italy pavilion in November 2019, which display override ships on its roof, with construction work begun on the site and it is located between Sustainability and opportunity pavilion at Expo 2020.

The exhibition includes local materials from UAE like real sand is used in construction of this design. Original climate control techniques are also used in the project.

The recycling of these three over turned hulls are itself showing a choice of sustainability which is connected to an ancient tradition of the sea, fisherman and people of Europe and the world. This pavilion will consume an area of almost 3,500 sq., 25 meters high and will be located in visible area of opportunity district at Expo 2020.

Visitors experiences

Italy pavilion is not only an exhibition space, but an area which represents the peak of Italian originality.

This pavilion will offer visitor a remember able experience, showing to the world the integrative skills, talent and originality that can act to encourage new educational, business and professional opportunities.

The pavilion is close to the park will definitely enhance its charm but also make sure about a brilliant view of the pavilion, as there will be no structure blocking its front and side views.


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