Japan Pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai

Japan pavilion-Expo 2020 Dubai is an opportunity to bring technology, people and their idea together on one place. In this pavilion Japanese will welcome their guests through their traditional Origami forms that signifies the art of Origata gift wrapping of Japan.

Japan pavilion will be a pavilion with full of entertainment where visitors can enjoy traditional generosity and high-tech performances. Japan’s culture and traditions are very unique because of its island country geography as well as separation from the other world during the Tokugawa dictatorship regime.

Japan is an island nation situated in East Asia. From the west it is bordered by the Sea of Japan and from the east, Pacific Ocean. Japan is well known for its traditional art like tea ceremonies, flower organizing and calligraphy. The Japan has a heritage of unique gardens, sculpture and poetry.

Japan is a secure country for tourists, but some areas are better to avoid. Japan’s most popular traditional game is Sumo wrestling, that can find its origins to the 8th century.

Features of Japan pavilion

  • Façade pattern collaborating traditional Asanoha and Arabesque design.
  • A restaurant will integrate both elements local and Japanese.
  • Visitors will encourage to put the ‘Join sync Act’.
  • Message into steps and discover the energetic art, culture and technology of Far eastern country.

Theme of the pavilion (Join.Sync.Act)

By leading together technology, people and their ideas with an international perspective, Japan has the capability to assemble action that will provide a Better world and a reliable future for everyone living in it.

Japan has encountered unequaled challenges and has found a lot of solutions in this process. In this journey, Japan motive is to lead the world in searching for the solutions for benefits and request to other countries to work together. Japan itself is an international cross point and choose to generate cooperation and creation.

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Architect and design (Yuko Nagayama and NTT facilities)

The design and architecture of the Japan pavilion is paying attention on connection among Middle East, Japan and sustainability. The designer of the pavilion is Yoko Nagayama, the director of Yuko Nagayama and associates NTT facilities.

The front side of pavilion will show Arabesque and Asanoha designs, presenting the long history of links and passing of cultures between Middle east and Japan. Visitors will be welcome by a three proportional façade, which draws inspiration from Japanese origami patterns.


Construction of the pavilion

Japan has broken ground for the pavilion at Expo 2020 on 26th August 2019. Which is officially marked the fresh beginning of construction, was carried over by Akihiko Nakajima (The Japanese ambassador) of UAE, Consul general of Japan and executive director of Expo Dubai.

Obayashi the Middle eat construction company built this pavilion. The pavilion used an eco-friendly cooling machines impressed by traditional Arabic and Japanese technology. It is located in Opportunity district at Expo 2020 Dubai.


Aims for Expo 2020

  • Reinforcement of Japan’s voice in the global society
  • Increase development and promoting Japanese industry
  • Develop inflowing tourism
  • Continue and enhance the heritage of the Expo
  • Authorizing the next generation with big opportunities to perceive their full potential.
  • Through the key ‘Connect’ they aim to communicate with the world a crystal clear vision of our potential to lead a future community on the techniques, spirit and culture of Japan.


Through the revealing of Japan’s pavilion, they will be able to grip the pavilion’s unique existence as a Launchpad to grow and promote future relations and incoming tourism.

Visitors of different nationalities, ages, predilection and tastes will meet Japanese hospitality first-hand and get together under one roof unify in the spirit of Omotenashi, or entirely Japanese perspective to hospitality.


visit official website: https://www.expo2020dubai.com/

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