Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque means Masjid Humaira which is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The construction of Jumeirah Mosque started in 1976. This Mosque is also known as two minaret mosque that frame together a central dome.

This Mosque was the gift from Late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, who was the former and ruler of Dubai and the current ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum is the son of Sheikh Rashid. This Mosque is the most photographed mosque among other mosques of Dubai.

Jumeirhah Mosque is one of the most iconic tourist attraction in Dubai. Which is adapting an Open Minds and Open door’s policy and welcoming its visitors of all believes to appreciate the Mosque and learn the local culture as well as Islam the beautiful religion.

The Jumeirah Mosque is not the largest mosque in Dubai but yet it is among the beautiful Mosques of Dubai which is open to Non-Muslims as well. If you are visiting Dubai and you didn’t visit Jumeirah Mosque than your tour to Dubai is seems waste as the people who already visited there said.

The Mosque is not only the place of worship for Muslims but it shows itself the spectacular piece of art and the classy architecture which provides a fascinating journey through out its tour. That is why this mosque is one of the best historical and cultural place in Dubai which is known for its architecture with describing the rich Arabian customs.


Jumeirah Mosque is located at the top end of Jumeirah beach road, and near to metro stop is Al Jafiliya. From this stop you can have a short taxi ride till the mosque or shift to c10 RTA bus.


The Mosque was built in Fatimid traditionally style that originated from Egypt and Syria and Mosque was opened in1979.

Jumeirah Mosque which is big enough to accommodate up to 1,300 people and was constructed fully from white stones in the traditional style of medieval Fatimid. This Mosque is towering with twin minarets structuring a large central dome. It is seen that on Friday’s prayers people are offering their prayers outside the mosque as well.

When the Mosque light up at nightfall, the artistry and natural beauty of this mosque is spotlighted at that moment. It is built with white mesmerizing looking façade, elegant minarets and the perfect landscape along Jumeirah Beach Road that makes it the serene location.

This mosque is one of the earliest landmarks of this area. The main thing to know about Jumeirah Mosque history is its construction began in 1976 by the ruler of Dubai Late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed and completed in 1979. The one of the interesting thing is the feature of the landmark of mosque is on 500 note of UAE.

The shaded walkways of Jumeirah mosque leading to an outdoor area for ablution and an indoor majlis area. After stepping into the main hall you will be fascinate with the series of sophisticated arches and columns, green carpets and crystal clear windows.  Mihrab is on the opposite side of the main entrance and niche in the wall which indicates the Qibla.

The walls and ceilings are filled with holy verses of Quran. They are beautifully ornament with calligraphy, intricate designs and geometrical motifs everywhere.


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How to have tour in Mosque:

Local Mosque prototypical are on hand to give 75 minutes of a tour in 6 days of one week at 10pm. These all tours are run by Sheikh Mohamed Center for cultural understanding and facilitate visitors with a chance to learn more about Emirati culture, religion and way of life.

In these tours they explained about everything regarding the religion Islam like Islamic holidays, cuisines and customs, traditions and rituals all are well explained. Visitors will have more knowledge about the Muslim’s holy month Ramadan and they encouraged visitors to ask questions about anything.

During the tour, visitors will have an entertaining and knowledge able journey about foods, Arabic snacks, desserts, coffee and a lot more varieties of Arab dishes. All visitors are demanded to dressed properly and to act respectfully during this tour as they will visit almost all Historical places connected with Islam. So women should wear

the dress which covered their body and head too as Mosque is a religious place.

Before the tour the visitors will be waiting 30 minutes into an area called majlis where they will have served with traditional Arabic coffee and tea. After this the guide will lead them to the area for ablution and explained them how to perform Wudu, then they will move ahead to the inside of main prayer hall. In this hall they can have chance to ask questions and clear their doubts regarding the culture and faith.


Visitors experience:

  • The Visit of the Mosque itself takes about one hour for a small fee.
  • Visitors will get an opportunity to observe the prayer.
  • They can learn about the culture and customs or Arabs.
  • Visitors can ask any question regarding UAE from the person assisting them.
  • They can enjoy the medieval Fatimid architecture with the stone construction.
  • They should wear modest dress so no one can claim on their dressing.

Important things that know before visit:

The best time is during sunset so visitors can see the mosque lit up during sun set as it is a perfect and beautiful sight to see. They should have a good capturing camera with them to catch that sight.

The visitors should be on time as mosque main hall opening time is 10am till 8pm daily. The dress code to visit the mosque Visitors should keep in mind before visiting so they will not be any hassle that time.


The Jumeirah Mosque is open daily from 10am to 2pm except Fridays. If you want to book any local tour guides than you have to book the tour 30 minutes before program starts. Visitors should be on time around 9:30 and at 10:05 am doors will be close and will reopen at 11:15am.

The Jumeirah Mosque’s grounds are open full day; visitors may view the beautiful architecture from the outside of the Mosque any day any time during week.

Entrance fee:

Entrance fee is 20 to 25 dirhams per person and children under the age of 12 are free but keep in mind this fee is charged by the tourist guide. For Jumeirah mosque there is not particular fee for entrance.

This Mosque has dedicated several times throughout the week for people to visit and learn about Islam and how it is representing the religion in an Arab country. We will recommend you to visit this Mosque must during your stay or visit to Dubai and you will never regret to do so.

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