KidZania Dubai Mall – A City, Run By Kids

KidZania Dubai is situated on 7000sqm. area where kids can enjoy, learn and entertain at the same time. Kidzania is the place of attraction specially for the kids where they can learn about different jobs to spend your life and how they are important. Thy will learn about the money getting from the jobs and the actual world around them.

In short you can say that KidZania is the place to teach the kids about their future and to prepare them for it. The main focus of KidZania is also kids where everything or every aspect of life is handling by kids, from where kids can boost up their confidence, energy and skills to move in a society.


The activities given in Kidzania can help the kid to develop life skills that are usually not taught in school curriculum. If a place is perfectly good for your kids, you would definitely love to drop your kid there and enjoy the shopping in leisure time without any disturbance of a child. Childhood memories are amazing and if we add fun with learning so it will turn into lifetime learning.

KidZania is situated on the top floor of Dubai Mall as an indoor miniature city for kids. It is filled with classrooms, fire station, bank and a hospital and so on. Kids can get a chance to dress up like any profession and slip into adult roles. They can explore what if they will be a doctor, a mechanical engineer or a pilot or any other profession. They can play more than 40 real world professions and can learn about the life in Fun way.


Kidzania has its own currency for use which is called KidZo. Kids can work as any profession and can get their salary from which they can buy goods and any services. It is the good process to teach the kids about value of money. Most of the activities are offered to the kids from 4years to 16 years. They have also a toddler zone and baby care center as well.

Inside the KidZania:

KidZaina is the spot where learning and entertainment is combine in 55,000 square feet replica city. KidZania is packed with more than 40 role playing fun activities where they will learn about these professions, their importance, they can earn money and can learn to spend it in buying stuff. These all talents cannot be taught in their schools but it is important for kids to have this professional knowledge.

Entertainment programs:

Kids can get a chance to use main stage at the Metropolitan Theatre of KidZania that hosts different shows throughout the day.

Radio: There is a radio station where kids can play an entertaining role of being a radio jockey(RJ) can broadcast live for the people of KidZania. Little broadcasters are here broadcasting programs in this radio station and learn how to produce shows and read news on airwaves and be hearable for all roaming inside the KidZania.


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Food and cooking:

KidZzania is a replica of a real city so it is must to have eat and drink points in it but there is a difference of outside world and inside KidZania world that is the kids will play a role of mini chef and have an opportunity to cook something and sell. They can make their healthy recipes and cook burgers, pizza or anything.

KidZania Hospital:

Hospital of KidZania teach every element of healthcare, with various lessons on empathy, surgery, bed-side care, anatomy and nursery room where kids can learn about the soft and kind touch and gentle care of newly born babies.

Dental Clinic:

There is a dental clinic in KidZania where brushing, flossing and only examinations of teeth are happening. Dental clinic is developing kid’s communication skills, confidence and teach them about the care again cavities, kids can be dentist in this clinic after learning this all.

Industrial jobs:

Kids have opportunity to become mini Willy Wonks at Kinder chocolate factory by learning about fertilization and pasteurization in Al Ain farms. There are more factory sponsors that are giving kids chance such as Lancor milk factory that is giving opportunity to kids to fin insight into the diary firm.

Department store:

Children here are playing roles of stock manager or cashier in department store of KidZania, which boost their confidence in finance. Here on this store people can spend their KidZos money like real world to buy stuff from kids.


This department teach kids about hospitality, reservations, check in to a hotel and serving food and housekeeping everything related to hotel. Kids will keep the city safe with role play of governmental services like Dubai Police, Dubai customs so on. There they can enhance their alertness, spying and attention skills.


Kids participating there can also test their sports skills at billiards, table football, in Games room. Kids can hang out with new friends that they have made during this journey.


The kids coming to KidZania have to check in and get the map of KidZania on Emirates Airline check in tables, they can also explore about aircrafts and the work of aircrafts.

RTA bus tour provides kids a layout of the city and teach them how to rid safely on bus without an adult, to make them more confident and independent. Some of them can get driving license on Emirates driving institute and can ride in streets of KidZania.

Tickets prices:

The ticket price for general entry age limit is 4 to 6 yrs. Economy =195AED, premium= 260 AED.

Adults above from 17 years’ ticket price is 80AED and toddlers 110 AED. Only baby under 1 year is free. Adults cannot enter in KidZania alone if they are not with any kid and some of the activities are also not available for adults.


Sunday to Wednesday = 10 am to 10 pm and Last entry is till 9pm.

Thursday to Saturday = 10 am to 11 pm and last entry is till 10 pm.

You can plan almost 4 to 5 hours to spend in this place or may be more than that if your kid will love to explore and learn about life skills here


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