Kite Beach

Dubai’s Kite beach is one of the favorite spot for people to enjoy with their friends, families and it is also the perfect place for fitness fanatics people. Kite beach is the ultimate outdoor area with open belt of soft white sand, and the fascinating sights, sounds and the breathtaking fragrance of the sea. These all beautiful sights invite you to entertain yourself and have a full day fun there.

Kite Beach is a long, pristine extend of white sand, located next to mosque on Jumeirah road. It is a super clean beach with lots of activities such as beach volleyball, beach tennis, kitesurfing the famous activity of this beach and kayaking.

There are a lot more activities and facilities along the games such as Wi-Fi, toilets, showers and changing of the facilities with different style and types of food trucks and cafes.

You can enjoy beautiful sights of Burj Al Arab from the kite beach. It is a very busy beach especially on Fridays and Saturdays when the seaside market with art and craft along gifts sets up.

Life on the beach:

Kite beach has something fantastic to tempt you by offering you different types of beverages, drinks, gourmet burgers, healthy breakfast and many more. Below mentioned spots are Kite beach’s best food spots.

Booba: Booba is the famous Dubai master Taiwanese art of bubble tea. You can get delicious yoghurt made tea, milk tea, coffees, fruit tea and other stuff like that.

Dri Dri: Dri Dri is an Italian brand of Gelato that freshly made in the store daily.


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95-degree specialty coffee: They offer single origin special coffee along brownies, freshly bake croissants and toasty.

Chez Sushi: They serve Chez Sushi in different way first you will choose the ingredients and the dressing and garnishing material then the team of the Chez Sushi will serve that thing beautifully.

Haagen-Dazs: The Haagen Dazs founder is Reuben Mattus who believed that when you are involved in ice cream thing then it should be smooth, intense and creamy experience of great pleasure.

JJ Chicken: It is an original Charcoal Grilled chicken restaurant.

Ice Cream Lab: It is well known for the innovations and famous for bringing nee exciting flavors for its customers.

Kimbo Espresso Italiano: It is a creative concept made for those who want to enjoy coffee in Napolitano style.

Mashakeek Cabana: It is an authentic food with a slightly touch of old style!

There are a lot more food cuisines serving on Kite beach where you can enjoy variety of food and drinks with your friends and family such as LaOla, iScream, SKM’D, Park House, this is Hot Dog, Tomato and Basilico restaurant.

Hub of watersports:

All famous and well known beachgoers, spectators and kite surfers are unite. If you want to enjoy water sports and you are interested to test your skills in these games which is one of the best free beaches of Dubai. Kite beach is the good challenge you are searching.

Different sports:

You can have there the high quality watersports equipment on the beach with perfect white sand along kitesurfing, standup paddle boarding gear, wakeboarding all set to go. If you are more interested to enjoy on land games, you can have volleyball on sand of the beach which is more fun to have with your friends there. You may have more new friends to make and a warm welcoming gesture in this process.

If you want to be more chilled, you can play many more games there like kite flying. Kite beach exudes adrenaline as much as it shows beautiful serenity and a normal beachside atmosphere.

If you want to walk or jog along the coastline so this beach offers you 14km track which is the perfect place to walk on or jog. You will have amazon scenes of the majestic Burj Al Arab to appreciate.

Overall view of all fun things to do on Kite beach:

Kite beach is one of the favorite beaches of most of the people who love to visit. There are some fun things to have on kite beach listed down so before going to kite beach you must know about this and go with proper arrangement there so you can enjoy all aspects of the beach fully.

Paddle boarding: Paddle boarding is the fun which you can have on kite beach, you can go to paddle boarding in single, with your friends or family any person, as they have all options open. Prices for stand up paddle water sport is 60 to 180 AED depends on age and number Opening timings: 7:30 am to 8:30 pm.

Kite surfing: If you will see the name of the beach itself is on kite name ‘kite beach’ which means you will find kites all around there. You can fly kites there and will have more memorable time, you can learn how to fly kites from any of the professional or good kite surfer as training sessions are also available on beach.

Timings are 7am to till sun set, price of training sessions are 350 to 1890 AED.

Food trucks: A we discussed above various variety of food available on beach we know that no outing can complete without enjoying food. Kite beach is a best spot in this regard. The much appreciated SALT also find on kite beach where you can find delightful slides and lotus softy on their outdoor terrace on beach.

Salt opening hours are 9am to 3am and price is 115 for 2 persons.

Skate park: There is a skate park on 3100sqm of beautifully design which offers skaters to show off their talent by rails, bowls and slopes. They can have everything here to roll their blades off.

Timings are 3pm to 11pm and price is 45AED for a day and 1000AED for annual membership.

Water park: Kite beach is also a best place for Splash party waterpark. So you can enjoy with your kids there in the water and kids can have a lot of water activities in this park which is vary adventures in its way.

Timings are 4pm to 10pm and price is 100AED and on adult is free with one child.

Outdoor gym: There is a magnum fitness gym that allows you to have a blasting work out in open area along the sea. You can also entertain with group classes like Muay Thai, aqua gym and self-defense gym.

Timings are 5am to 1am and price is 180 to 600 AED.

Adventure time for kids: your kids can have adventures time on beach by enjoying zip lines and aerial ropes on the outdoor park on kite beach which gives the perfect adventure to your little ones. There are bungee jumpers and Tarzan swings that will entertain you kid in fun way.

Timings are 9am to 9pm and price is started from 40 AED depends on activities you choose.

The name of the beach kite beach is actually less attractive than the activities available there. It’s a community friendly area with a lot more activities which we discussed above. You should go to this beach in the afternoon as this is the time when the wind blows fast and presents better conditions.


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