Legoland Dubai

Legoland Dubai is a family park in Dubai. It is a theme park which was opened on 31st October 2016. It is the first Legoland park in UAE and worldwide on seventh number. The first plan that was scheduled for opening the Legoland was planned to open in Dubai Land in 2011 but then they delayed it till 2016 and now Legoland is located at Dubai Parks and resorts as Dubai Legoland.

This theme park is designed especially for the kids and families but it is not compulsory that adults cannot visit there or enjoy. The park provides variety of different rides and fun activities. Dubai added a mini land where almost 20 million Lego bricks are being used like many other Lego land theme parks to create 15,000 miniature models of various landmarks and designs around the world.

The Lego land has 6 themed areas that are; Factory – Lego city – Imagination – Kingdoms – Adventure – Miniland. Every theme land has its own uniqueness, rides and scenes built around each theme.


Factory is the main place where family fun starts its beginning journey. You will surely enjoy watching how Lego bricks are build and you can visit the Big Shop which is the largest Lego Store in the UAE.

Factory tour will be knowledgeable to learn how a LEGO brick is producing. The young kids will get their own LEGO brick fresh from the casting line.

LEGO City:

This is the city where you can fly a plane, will have chance to save the burning building, steer a boat or you can get chance to earn your own LEGO land driving license in this city. In short this city is full of adventures where you and your family can leave memorable moments of excitement, adventure and fun with each other.

There is one most attractive fun to have is building bricks in the city with teamwork and full of determination. The most interesting feature of LEGO city is boating school where kids can captain their boats by themselves.


This imagination area will reflect like its name where every lover of Lego can enjoy most. In this land you can make and race on your own LEGO cars and yes you can build LEGO robotics with the help of mind storms.

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You can versus the centrifugal forces that will give you immersive excitement. You need effort more than courage to build in this area, then hoist your path to the kid power towers, there you can watch the full view of park. DUPLO express is a ride for the younger visitors in train around DUPLO valley.


There is one king castle from where you can have ride in dragon coaster. In this ride kids and younger ones also join you to enjoy this exciting ride. Families up for the quest will like a rapid whirl surrounding Merlin’s challenge.


As you can see from the name of this land Adventure you can understand that this is the perfect land for the young visitors that are seeking for the adventure, there they can go underwater to have submarine adventure. This will be an adventures journey with power ski on waves and dodging water blasts and the exciting journey through old temples to recover a pharaoh’s stolen stuff.

Beetle bounce is a most popular feature of this Adventure land with 15 feet height as they are established it to nearly touch the enormous LEGO beetle up.


MINILAND is a heart of LEGO land everywhere in the world. It is first ever air conditioned MINILAND with a lot of excited activities. It is made up of impressive 20 million LEGO bricks depicting ideal skyline and land marks from all around the Middle east. They built an exciting city where visitors can find 10-meter table with the help of LEGO bricks to allow them to make a challenging skyline city.

Tickets and Passes:

Lego land offers two types of tickets annual and single day both and Dubai residential can get more discount on purchasing of tickets. The Annual tickets or passes including Dubai parks and resorts are at 525 AED per person and if only you want for Lego waterpark then it will be at 345AEDd per person. These passes are valid till age 3 for each guest. These annual passes procedure will suit you more if you are interested to visit more than once in a year.

The Lego theme park is an ultimate destination in Dubai for families to hang out and can have plenty of fun activities to enjoy with. You can build your tremendous way towards non-stop impressive and exciting fun at LEGOLAND Dubai. Overall if you ae talking about total rides so there are 40 in total, and except that different building experiences, shows and attractions in park will attract you towards it.


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