Lost Chambers Aquarium

Lost Chambers Aquarium is the largest Aquarium in Africa and Middle East. It is lost for thousands of years deep under the sea, this is the old ruins of the lost city of Atlantis which is finally uncovered. The visit to lost chambers Aquarium will be Atlantean adventure. Lost chambers Aquarium is a home to 65,000 outstanding marine animals.

You can get a chance to explore underwater while going inside mazes and tunnels of this lost city of Atlantis, you can encounter eels, seahorses, sharks, piranhas and a lot more. There you will find 20 impressive marine life exhibitions like a touch tank and many interactive Aqua theatre show.


Lost chambers Aquarium is located in Avenues in Atlantis, The palm crescent road, Dubai UAE.

History of Lost Chambers Aquarium:

People have been searching for the lost city of Atlantis for thousands of years which was having untold treasures and riches. The utopian heaven is expected to have been vanished under the ocean.

You can see the magical city or Atlantis at The lost chambers Aquarium where you can discover suspicious deep and learn fascinating facts about ocean marine life. You can watch marine animals swimming in the Ambassador Lagoon or you can book snorkeling or while visiting you can enjoy the scenes while diving down.

The Ambassador Lagoon: This 11million liter aquarium is a home to unique sharks, fishes and stingrays. You can see 65,000 marine animals in this 21 exhibits in the Ambassador Lagoon after buying one-day pass to this chamber.

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Spring break offer:

They offer spring break passes to enjoy your break with adventures. Get 90 days Fun at Aqua venture waterpark and you will get a chance to spend your spring break in Sunny zones. It is among Dubai’s no 1 parks which has complimentary access to The Lost Chambers Aquarium.

What you can witness inside the Aquarium:

This lost chambers Aquarium is filled with fantastic experiences and top class exhibitions. The two women, director of the chambers Aquarium and Manager of the Aquarium Natasha and Maria, they were so passionate about marine life from their childhood and wanted to explore ocean while diving. They now everything inside the Atlantis.

They used Arabian gulf’s natural seawater to give it natural look as much as they can. They filtered this water and sterilized it. The artifacts showing the Lost city of Atlantis duplicate the hiding areas would use in the wild.

There is a big fact about this Aquarium that big sharks are living with other smaller fishes and no issues are happening. They have sharks or different sizes and species. In Ambassador and shark Lagoon these sharks are living with smaller fishes. The sharks that are living with other smaller fishes and pursue the fishes are Zebra sharks and guitar sharks. The fishes are easily able to find security if chased.

They often fed the fishes even shark or the smaller one so it can help them to fulfil their hunger needs and keeping them calm so there would be less chances to hunt smaller fishes.

Diving options: They have a range of diving options in The lost chambers Aquarium like scuba divers, Aquatrek and snorkeling. After reaching out there they educate you about the marine life and activities they are about to commence, all this is led by their expert divers team.

Breeding program:

They are breeding a great variety of stingray species including Eagleray, Stingray, Prorcupine stingray, Marble stingray and cowtail stingray and different shark’s species such as Arabian Carpet shark, Zebra shark and Brown banded bamboo sharks. They also breed Moon jellyfish and also planning towards white Nettle jellyfish, Seahorse and Clownfish.

One-day pass to Lost Chambers Aquarium:

The tickets for the Aquarium can be bought outside the Aquarium ticket counter or you can buy from online website too. It is not necessary to stay in hotel to visit the Lost Chambers Aquarium.

Opening timings:

The Aquarium is open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm n daily basis. The opening hours may be differing because of show timings as different shows are slotted in different times throughout the day.

The Lost Chambers Aquarium is a huge hit place among children. It is most coveted buildings and the largest entertainment, informative area of this destination. The place of this destination takes its name from the myth of lost city of Atlantis.


visit official website: https://www.atlantis.com/dubai/atlantis-aquaventure/lost-chambers-aquarium

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