Marina Walk

Dubai Marina Walk is a walk way area with 305 outlets and 70 restaurants to attract the visitors coming to Dubai Marina. This surrounding area of Marina situated on walking the whole area offering 7km of pedestrian where people can walk and entertain with the facilities around. Along that there is a beach area around that called Jumeirah beach where people can experience the scenic beauty of Arabian Gulf.

Dubai Marina Walk is among the favorite places of Dubai where people come to enjoy, relax, entertain and to enjoy the meals too. It is located in the heart of The New Dubai. It is an area with upscale lifestyle. It is a home to the city’s best cafes and restaurants.

Attraction spot:

It is a common question popping up from the minds that what people should do on Dubai Marina Walk. But once you reach there you will know that there is much more to do and the stuff to enjoy with. It is big pathway with many of the restaurants and shopping outlets where you can spend a full day roaming around.

There people can visit the nearest Jumeirah beach too for experiencing lush beach life, sun bath and swimming. If you will fee hunger by walking there and after enjoying on the beach you can check out the famous food points here where they are depicting different cultures through food. You can find every variety food there.

Public events:

Throughout the year this beautiful area and the surrounding are booked with different public events specially Cobblestone Boulevard. People love to plan their events in this area as everything you desire you can get from there. You can see the people likings and love to this spot to visit in weekdays as well. But on weekends it is the biggest task to talk through in the big crowd of the visitors.

Markets around Dubai Marina Walkway:

As I told earlier there are many outlets around where you can find whatever you dream for, any brand any style The Covent Garden market is a good place as compare to the big shopping malls with big and expensive brands and fashion ends. In this market you can find handmade jewelry, homemade precious soaps of beautiful fragrances, local clothing souvenirs made by artists.

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You would love to buy stuff from this market as it is unique in itself and definitely you will like to buy home décor or useable stuff from there which is totally homemade and very delicate.

As you can judge after reading out the name of the place that it might be the area where we will walk more than drive so you should wear any sports shoes or soft foot to provide comfort to your feet whole day. This place can be enjoyable if you are more interested in walking.

Waterfront Stroll:

This path way is dining along 7km lined like palm tree at Dubai Marina and bordering with the waterway. This waterfront attraction is enhancing the beauty of the area with yachts bobbing up and down on the water. The bright and glowing lights of the city skyline shining above at night.

While looking towards the pathway or Dubai Marina walk you will see the never ending lines of restaurants and shops. Dubai Marina walkway is a full of life destination where you will find the huge range of dining, shopping and leisure opportunities. Al Fresco made this place a famous location for some biggest retail brands and top restaurants.

Things to do there:

Whenever you are planning to visit somewhere you searched for it first so you may know about the area, how to go there and etc etc. Here we will guide you about the things you can enjoy in Dubai Marina Walk;

Shopping: The first thing to enjoy there is shopping, the shopping lovers will be in love with this pathway with full of shopping outlets. For more detailed shopping you can head over to Dubai Marina mall where the small shopping stores offers high brands of beauty, clothing, electronics and whatever you think. You may find large outlets of some of the famous brands such as Spinney’s.

Eating: Dubai is totally a dream destination for the world class food and the types of eating cuisine from all over the world. The different cafes and restaurants will satisfy your cravings and desire for the good tempted food. You can find delicious breakfast spots, PF chang’s, Nando’s etc. There are a lot more options for you to avail there and to enjoy your meal in such way you want.

Spa facility: There you can find the spas for relaxing massages, facials or any other beauty treatments. So If any of your family member is not t=interested in shopping or tired from that walking stuff whole day, they can visit any spa there to relax their body by getting relaxing massage. Treat yourself to an amazing spa experience with the beauty of waters of Marina Lapping closer.

Playing area: If you are going with kids then don’t worry about their tiredness or boring mood tantrums. They can enjoy in promenade where several play areas with slides, swings, climbing frames. Mums can also sit on the benches fixed there to watch out the kids and kids can play their favorite games and take rides.

How to go there:

Dubai Marina Walk is located on the prime location of the city which is accessible for all from all areas. You can go by metro if you don’t have your own car. Dubai Marina Metro station is near

When to go:

Though during the weekdays visit is still a best option to check out this place with your family and friends. You chose evening time to benefited by the evening views of this area which will mesmerize you. There is really lovely dusk in night views that can accentuate the brightness of the city lights with an Arabian profound intense night.

When the weather is right, you can do cycling or jogging on this pathway. The suitable weather is from September to march and the time is evening to till night. There are options available for relaxing your bodies and mind which you can avail in any of the spa in this area.


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