Morroco Pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai

Morocco pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai is a morocco themed pavilion. Which will be a domain of inspiration. The pavilion architectonics merges modernity and tradition in a building and the foreground of construction techniques are impressed by hereditary methods using earth, such as in some morocco villages.

Morocco is an African country encircling the Atlantic Ocean and Sea named Mediterranean, is known by its Berber, Arabian and European cultural impacts. Morocco is a safe place to visit as there are only small ratio of crimes but it is totally safe for the tourists.

Morocco is famous for its Medinas, which are cities urban complex and the place to explore for beautiful handcrafts and traditional items. Morocco is also famous for being a most tolerant country of the Arab nations. Moroccan people, both Arabic and Berber, are also known for their hospitality and friendly nature. This mixture of beauty, nature and traditions will be display in Morocco pavilion at Expo 2020.

 Morocco pavilion’s feature

  • One of the best eye shot’s of Expo from over the vertical fictile (earthen) village.
  • Grasp opportunities in a youthful, rapidly changing and pioneering Morocco.
  • Experience Morocco’s dedication to a sustainable future for earth.
  • Continues ramp that remembers the streets of Moroccan medinas and its ‘wast eddar’ pato,
  • The Morocco pavilion and its different exhibition spaces will offer visitors a special immersive journey.

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Theme/ Conviction

Sustainability and recycling

First World Expo arranged in the Middle East, this ‘celebration of human ingenuity’ will happen from 20 October 2020 to 10 April 2020. Which will be roaming around the theme ‘Connecting the spirits, creating the future’. This will be dividing into more three sub themes; Mobility, Opportunity and Sustainability. Through this all participant countries will think about the progress and development ways for tomorrow.

Mr. Mustapha Bakkoury said in one occasion that this pavilion will be showing the traditions, regardless adopts a new bias and place the voice of Morocco variously. This will be falling into a current debate focus on reliable developments at local and global level in the wake up of the motive of SM king Mohammed VI.

Architecture and design (OUALALOU and CHOI)

The Morocco pavilion is situated in Opportunity district in Expo Dubai 2020. Moroccan pavilion Expo 2020 design collects modernity and traditions of Morocco. Its building is inspired by familial methods using earth, same like as Moroccan villages.

There will be spectacular rooftop views, supreme cuisine, handcrafts and cultural diversity in pavilion’s exhibitions. Visitors will discover these all as they will wander through the Moroccan pavilion in the Opportunity district in Expo 2020.


The work of construction of the Morocco pavilion was launched in July 2019 at the Salon in the Locality (Jabil Ali). Morocco pavilion is built on a plot which is almost 1500 square meters.

This pavilion will transfer the image of Morocco as a rich in talent country, a way of inspiration and a land full of opportunities. This pavilion is built in such way that we can see the tradition of morocco through it and as well as the modernity of the country.

The work of pavilion is overseen by Mustapha Bakkoury (Commissioner General of the Moroccan section at Expo and Mohammed Ait Ouali (Ambassador of Morocco in UAE).

Expectations from the pavilion

  • The Morocco pavilion will offer visitors many areas including more than dozen rooms booked for the permanent exhibitions.
  • This pavilion will have boutiques, restaurants, fast food corners and tea stalls.
  • A ramping passage around a patio will give access to the visitors to various places of pavilion where they will witness potential and Morocco’s diversity.
  • This Morocco pavilion will have a great impact and part to the economic and cultural impact of the country.
  • This will increase the ratio of good relations between Morocco and United Arab Emirates.

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