Motiongate is a theme park inspired by Hollywood that is located in Dubai parks and Resorts, UAE. There they are displaying themed areas and areas based on some themes such as Columbia pictures, Dreamworks Animation, The smurfs and Lionsgate. Motiongate was opened on 16th December 2016.

Motiongate Dubai started functioning by Dubai parks and Resorts. The first scheduled date to opened it was 31st October 2016 but due to some issues and fact that Legoland Dubai was ask to open on the very same day. This park is uniting three Hollywood studios first time. Motiongate is featuring with a lot of attractions and almost 28 rides in it.

Motiongate park:

The tour to Motiongate park will be a memorable visit for you towards your childhood memories and journey. Motiongate is region’s biggest Hollywood themed park. It is the most suitable place to immerse ourselves in a world of cinematic adventure. Motiongate is among most famous parks of Dubia like Legoland water park and Bollywood park.

Motiongate is located very close to the residential area of Jabel Ali. This park is perfect option for those parents who want to take their kids to the adventures place and entertain with their kids on weekends specially.

Interesting part of Motiongate:

The most interesting part of this park is its depicting the Hollywood best stories and its characters in a different setup. You will be amazed by visiting this theme park which is no doubt a cinematic paradise to the cinema and especially Hollywood movies lovers.

There you can meet your favorite characters of the movies there such as; Fiona from Shrek, Alex from Madagascar. Motiongate park is collaborated with three giant studios Dreamwork animation, Ccolumbiapictures and Lionsgate to serve you an over ended excited experience in the city.

Columbia Pictures:

This zone of the park is build based on Colombia pictures films and franchises. This area is a home to different attractions like Zombie land, Hotel Transylvania, Ghostbusters and cloudy with chance of meatballs. The famous rides and attraction of the motion gate are mentioned below for your guidance.

Zombie Land: If you are lover of Hollywood horror movies and fan of slasher movies like Dead rising, Zombie Apocalypse and call of duty. Then this land will be love to you with its 58 meters’ zombie drop tower.

Ghostbusters: This attraction in motiongate part is extra adventures attraction which require only courageous people to get in. There people can save New York skyline from various ghosts, your reflexes will be tested here and your name will be there on rides also.

Flint’s Imagination Lab: This is the best place for your little ones to boost up their imaginations in this LAB. This lab is filled with different cutting edge technologies, the soft play area and science theme slides for the science lovers.

The Green Hornet: You can earn superheroes bragging rights on Green Hornet ride of roller coaster, and save this green Hornet from goons group. This is the most thrilling ride in montiongate from such a great height of this gravity defying ride.

Smurfs Village: This is the smurf themed area which has plenty of attractions like woodland play park and Smurfs studio.  This smurfs studio is based on animated movies but funny ones. This will be whirlwind experience of movie for you.

Woodland Play park: This attraction is an outdoor playing area. It provides the kids an open area games experience and unleash their imaginations. This plays an important role to great animation in Smurf’s franchise.

Camp Viking: There you can bring your splash game and unlock the Viking spirit with the help of crawl netting, water guns and dragons. You will be able to waterlogged ships in harbor while shooting at targets from vessel.

Like above mentioned attractions you will find many more attraction like that such as dream work, Smurfs Village express, Smurf village playhouse, fountain of dreams, and underworld 4D. Every ride has height limits and some rules and regulations which you must read and follow before buying ticket for it.

Attractions of the destination:

Motiongate park is stretched across four theme based areas like Smurf Village, Lionsgate, Dreamworks and Columbia pictures. These area features 27 main rides, 5 roller coasters. There you will also be able to attend meet and greet sessions with your favorite movie characters. It features motion simulators too like 4D hover craft experience of simulator, interlinked play areas, 15 live entertainment programs and panem Aerial tower drop tower.

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This is a family friendly park in Dubai with water ride too in it in which you can have river expedition and enjoy splashing the ride with friends and family. To find about more fun and attractions in Motiongate park you must plan a visit of it.

Location and how to get there:

This interesting and internationally recognized park is in Dubai just off the Sheikh Zayed road and we can easily access it from Dubai and Abu Dhabi both big emirates but yes people from different corners of UAE and world are coming here. There is public transport also available to the park visitors and tourists. If you are living in UAE it is best to use your private car to reach, there.

The people who are traveling in Metro they can board Dubai Metro, Use the Red line towards Jabel Ali and can get down at the DMCC metro station. After dropping here, they can take taxi or RTA shuttle bus to Ibn e Batuta station then they can jump into RTA bus that will bring them to Dubai Parks and Resorts and Finally you are at Motiongate.

Restaurants in Motiongate Park:

Motiongate has impressive movie inspired restaurants where you can find scrumptious food. The famous restaurants of this park is Candy Apple, Dragon flame Grill and hotel Beastro that serves America and middle eastern food. There are several points where you can buy little bites to enjoy during your journey inside the park.


You will find theatre where plays and drama happen and at least 1000 people cam be adjusted in this theatre. There are retail outlets also along theatre from where you can buy stuff for yourself and even gifts too.

Tickets or passes:

They offer several options for the tickets and passes of motiongate park.

There will be one-day entrance fee for 245 AED. Q fast option which will help you to avoid long queues of the park. One more option is if you have annual pass of Dubai parks and resorts so you can use it for all parks like Legoland, Bollywood park, motiongate, legoland waterpark. Annual pass cost for all above mentioned park is 595 AED.


The timings for motiongate are 12:00 noon to 9 pm from Saturday to Wednesday and on Thursday and Friday 12 noon to 10 pm.


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