Netherlands Pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai

Netherland pavilion – Expo 2020  Dubai is a pavilion who is attaining sustainable solutions by out-of-the-box innovation. It seems like entering a microscopic world with its own climate system. The Netherland pavilion will reap water, energy and food via different creations including a cone-shaped vertical farm.

Netherland is a country situated in northwestern Europe, it is well known for a flat land of canals, windmills, tulip domains and cycling direction. The Netherland is made from four countries; the Netherlands, Aruba, Sent Maarten and Cuacao. Netherland is a famous country as it is a discoverer of bulb fields and windmills.

The Netherland pavilion’s structure is built using local materials that will be reuse after Expo, Minimizing its bionomical footprints.

Netherland pavilion’s feature

The Netherland pavilion is designed as a geographical area, provides visitors a sensorial experience. The atmosphere system and the different design allow visitors to have a good experience about the connection between food, water and energy.

In the Dutch pavilion they show how water, food and energy is connected to develop sustainable solutions to global issues. Apart from creating a discoid system in the fence, they also aim to remain the pavilion’s bionomical footprint very small. Dutch pavilion

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International issues of water, the increasing demand of energy and food reliability have a great effect in the Gulf district. The Gulf regions are the biggest purchaser per proportionately of water and energy. Most of the required food is imported. The countries have dissolved this must change by themselves.

By giving these reliable solutions linked with water, food and energy problems, the Netherlands hopes to react to the challenges. Dutch creations, innovations and skills can deliver the connecting loop in the Gulf.

The Dutch pavilion will be a centerpiece for private firms, educational institutions, governmental organizations and non-governmental institutions to connect with each other for networking and dividing knowledge.

The pavilion will provide a platform to arrange business programs and highlights the opportunities. The Netherlands is devoted to associating supply and demand through different events in the Dutch pavilion.


Idea behind design and construction

The Netherlands pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai will be unique in its design which will bring visitors to experience the link between water, food and energy with all of their senses. In this pavilion visitors will feel that they enter in mini world where energy, food and water are totally linked with each other and climate is directed in a natural way.

The interior and exterior of the Netherlands pavilion Is also in a norm-setting. The construction will be happen using local materials and with hired materials as well. It will be constructed with inhibiting transport to the utter minimum.

After the expo all materials will be given back to the hired authorities and reuse again. This will help in minimizing the ecological footprint of the Dutch pavilion.

Design and architecture of the pavilion

The Dutch pavilion’s design and construction was revealed by the company of v8 Architects, Koss man dejong, Expomobilia and Witteveen+Bos. This consortium has ample activities and a powerful network in Dubai.

A huge number of innovative firms from the Netherlands are tangled in the design. The design pools assets, knowledge and automation in the fields of pavilion construction, connected visitor experiences and round building, developing in a demonstration of technology.

In the center of the building there will be a big cone-shaped structure protected in a homocentric rings of plants. This will allow the area to function as a biotope. Which will be a naturally directed environment with its own microclimatology.

This same has said the team of designers of the building that they design the building more a biotope than a building and further added that it will be a miniature world, where the climate will be control naturally.

This central cone is surrounded in a rectangular structure and will be visible to the visitors who will pass by or the outside the pavilion as it has a transparent front. There will be a lot of exhibition spaces, many auditoriums, restaurants, VIP lounge and shops.

Theme ‘Uniting water, food and energy’

This theme was released during the ground breaking ceremony held to mark the Netherlands pavilion’s construction opening day.

It is expected that Netherlands pavilion at Expo 2020 will feature an innovation and invention that can provide water from desert air, mechanized by solar energy.

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