New app lets parents track school buses in Sharjah

Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA) has launched a new app that allows parents to track their children’s school buses. Parents of students from 122 private schools in Sharjah can download the app titled ‘Your children are safe’. However, it doesn’t just benefit parents and guardians.

In addition to recording student attendance, Ali Al Hosani, a director of SPEA, explained the app can also be used by school bus supervisors. The SPEA’s headquarters also monitors all operations, enabling specialized personnel to track school buses as they transport students to and from school in Sharjah. As well as that, the app keeps track of how many trips have been made and alerts the user if an emergency occurs.

As part of the safety and security of students, Al Hosani says each bus is equipped with seven surveillance cameras, both internal and external. Students’ behavior is being monitored with the cameras as well.

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