New Zealand Pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai

New Zealand pavilion at Expo 2020 will showcase an exhibition of different experiences. It will be a pavilion designed to encourage connections. It will also reflect New Zealand’s culture, basic value, food and design.

New Zealand is situated in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It is a sovereign Island with two landmasses (the north and South Island). New Zealand is a safe country but visitors should follow some basic safety precautions to not to leave belongings unattended etc.

New Zealand became first country to provide women the right to vote in 1893. It is also known for Mr. Edmud Hillary who was the first person who climbed to Mount Everest in 1953.

New Zealand pavilion’s feature

New Zealand pavilion will feature an exhibition of different hosting platforms and restaurants. This pavilion was effected by the waka taonga, curved container made by Maori. This concept of Maori’s receptacle(container) was to safe-guard things of significant inborn value, cultural symbols for safety and practices.

The people of New Zealand are talented to nourish relationships, create new collaborations and continuity of traditions and cultural stories from one generation to another.

New Zealand pavilion is to learn about kaitiakitanga and to be responsible about care for people and places. To experience New Zealand’s cultural worth, design and cuisine all around the pavilion.

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Theme; Care for people and place’

New Zealand pavilion’s theme reviews the Maori value of ‘kaitakitanga’ which strengthen the deep companionship among people and environment.

The team of New Zealand pavilion said there is more than mountains in New Zealand and this thing will prove to the world through this great experience of Expo 2020. They hope that this big budget task is going to change the view of the world for New Zealand.

This Mega event is a great opportunity to upgrade New Zealand to an international audience through celebrating our cultural values, creativity under the theme of the pavilion ‘care for people and place’.

Architecture and design

New Zealand pavilion’s architecture is also serving as a receptacle by nation’s initial and original culture. It is designed by New Zealand’s architect company Jasmax. The construction firm Cimolai Rimond UAE will do the enabling works and groundwork for the pavilion.

The design of pavilion demonstrates ‘waka taonga’ the Maori tradition of operating handmade containers to protect reliable items. The New Zealand pavilion is situated in sustainability district.

The architectural concept uses the waka taonga as a method of escorting people together, and reviews the ‘connecting Minds, Creating the Future’ theme of Expo 2020. The terminal ends of the foundation have a cringe male figure at one end and a cringe female figure at the other end.

Best use of the Pavilion

  • Cocktail greetings(reception)
  • Products launches or illustrations
  • Hosting guests for business dinners
  • Meeting with clients on lunch
  • Food sampling in the kitchen
  • Multimedia exhibitions or seminars
  • Marketing invigorations

Main Concept

Mr. Kimpton New Zealand’s commissioner general of Expo 2020 said New Zealand has done a brilliant job of marketing the country as an admirable tourist destination point, which people mostly know about it. It will help to educate people about what the country has to offer, far off its Lord of the rings land.

He more added that, ‘We are very excited to share our nation’s pavilion story with the global community. Our theme will be part of the visitor’s experience. In pavilion’s restaurant where visitors will experience the warm welcome and delicious food that has been prepared and well planned for the modern youth and future generations.

Facilitators hope that the pavilion will help to stick the relationship between the UAE and New Zealand. The country wanted to participate in Expo Dubai because the connection between two countries will increase trade and visitors, travel to New Zealand as Middle east is a hub for those who loves to travel.

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