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Oman pavilion at Expo 2020 is delightful experience inspired by Essence. Oman’s bonus to the world ‘frankincense’ has played an essential role in the country’s development from old ages to the modern time.

Oman (The Sultanate of Oman) is an Arab country on the southeastern seashore of the Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia. Its formal religion is Islam. Oman is known for natural, sea air of breathing. Oman is famous for marvelous and delicious sea food; famous Omani sweet is known as Omani halva.

Oman has different cultural characteristics. Traditional art of Oman comes from its old heritage of significant culture. Oman pavilion pays salute to the valuable resin, with its external resemblance with the tree which produces essence (frankincense).

Placing Sultanate’s pavilion Foundation stone

Dr. Ali Masoud Minister of Commerce and Industry and Ream bint Ibrahim UAE minister of state for international cooperation, met in October 2019 in Dubai along director general of Expo 2020. They decided about the placing the foundation stone for the pavilion at Expo 2020.

They discussed various steps to boost the country’s development. They also discussed concur mechanism for the registration for these institutions and categorizing them with the Public Authority for the achievement of Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs), as more than 500 SMEs have already registered to that date.

The foundation stone was placed with the participation of Najib Al Ali (Executive director of Expo 2020), Mohsen bin khamis (Advisor at the ministry of commerce and industry) and commissioner general of the Sultanate.

The members from the ministerial committee were also present to that meeting who will be supervising all the preparations and completing process for the Sultanate’s participation at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Frankincense Tree

It is decided to bring 30 years old frankincense tree from all the way to Sultanate to Dubai as it is the emblem on which Oman’s pavilion is built.

The tree was brought in a stance that provides an essential domain with facilitated technology. It is assembled by Omani youth from the innovation firm, the adviser to expand the Sultanate pavilion.

Theme ‘Opportunities over Time’

The Sultanate pavilion’s theme is centered altogether frankincense tree, which has classically been recognized as a span between the communities of the ancient world more than 5,000 years ago.

This Oman pavilion will search out the theme ‘Oman-Opportunities over time’.

Pass over thousands of years of Omani progress, globally collaboration and cooperation. Oman’s ‘gift to the world’, frankincense has gamboled a vital and different part in the nation’s development from ancient times to the current day.

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The design for Sultanate’s pavilion is impressed by the shape of the frankincense tree in a modern style. It is located inside the 4.38km2 in Expo’s Mobility district.

Mohsen bin Khamis described that this pavilion goes along with the approach of novelty its design, in protection with the master plan of Expo 2020. It will be saving some components of Islamic and Omani architecture in a contemporary manner.

There are five zones inside presenting the diverse methods in which frankincense has exploited Oman such as traversing everything from medicine to food and to cosmetics.

A Travel through the Sultanate pavilion and the 191 other country’s pavilions at Expo 2020 Dubai you can enjoy mesmerizing cultural experiences and come across that what makes each nation unique and different from each other.

Visitors journey

The Oman pavilion will split into five areas transferring visitors through an associated, multimedia atmosphere that elaborate the story of the nation’s past, present and future. Oman’s tale of frankincense merchandising with historical routes from Dhofar to Iiraq, Egypt and the Levant as far as afield as Rome will be the Oman’s pavilion first exhibition.

At the pavilion visitors can explore Oman’s manufacture industry and the country’s frame of mind to travel, trade, sustainability and tourism. It is expected that Omanis will visit the Expo in huge number and youth of Oman will play a vital role in participation of Expo 2020.

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