Opportunity Pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai

Opportunity pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai activates visitors to perceive the important character that can play in human development via their actions. Opportunity means a time or lay of circumstances that make it feasible to do something.

The Opportunity pavilion pursues to engender empathy in visitors to activate a desire to take action and create a better future. The visitor experience is built on a series of game role moments which will challenge the visitor’s thinking on problems related main needs of water, food and energy encouraging environments of real life individuals who are negotiator of change in their own societies.

Millions of people from the world will have the option to make relevant contributions to international development goals at Expo 2020 Dubai’s opportunity pavilion, the final huge design aspect to be revealed ahead of the next World Expo.

The Opportunity pavilion is also house of small steps, big leaps Expo 2020’s international best practice event which is introduced by BIE, the body that overview the development of Expo.

The expo is to showcase successful and impressing solutions to world’s biggest tasks. Simple and impressive solutions can be implemented by countries, business, global organizations, educational institutes, societies and creative individuals as well.

Theme ‘Opportunity’

The Opportunity pavilion will play an important part of the immersive visitor journey. It is designed to bring closer people of all ages and backgrounds to memorize global progress towards getting the United Nations’2030 Agenda of Sustainable development.

In line with Expo 2020 theme of ‘connecting Minds, creating the future’, global achievement goals call for collective action to authorize greater opportunities for human success, starting with access to basic facilities that provide an enabled atmosphere in which we can all bloom.

Expo will work towards opening new chances to help people gain their goals today and inspire them to chase their future aspirations. Expo trusts that opportunity is the driver of all achievements and by sharing new techniques and thinking, independent person and societies all over the world will enable to fulfil the potential and shape the future.

The pavilion will feature a rope and light theme all-around, with interlinked ropes reflecting the people contribution to human success, giving them a sense of attainment and encouraging next action.

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 Architect and design (AGi Architects)

COX is chosen by an international competition to design The opportunity pavilion for Expo 2020. The Opportunity pavilion is among one of the three flagship pavilions’ Mobility, Opportunity and sustainability’ for the Expo. That will explore the main issues confronting humanity in 21st century.

The Opportunity pavilion presents 1 of the 3 epochal themes of Dubai Expo. The pavilion will have built from natural and raw materials such as timber, rope and stones. All of the materials are reusable and no concrete is used in the pavilion construction.

The pavilion’s definite, spiral shaped canopy is made from around 111 kilometers of knit rope and goals to draw visitors into an interior place that will foreground the importance of people link to achieve common goals.

The site will surround by a landscape space which will include a number of F&B, entertainment contributions, with paths that provide entrance to seating and grassy areas for informal gatherings. Gabian walls, organic assembly, recycle materials will enable facility of disassembly and future relocation and recycle.


  • The Opportunity pavilion is expected to work as a magnet for Expo 2020 visitors, who will be brought on engaging and connective journeys that will attribute decision-making and gaming elements.
  • They will be supported to explore how independent choices and actions can create a positive, collaborative and contributive to global causes.
  • The pavilion is a welcoming area that draws people all together and arrange them on a fun and appealing journey that progressively engrosses them as active participants in a mind blasting experience.
According to Arabian business, Al Hashmi the opportunity pavilion is the ideal place to enable every participant or partner and visitor to learn about different ways that how they can make positive differences.
visit official website: https://www.expo2020dubai.com/

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