Philippines Pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai

Philippines Pavilion Expo 2020 is presenting the Philippines as a creative and empathetic state. This pavilion also high spot the progressive achievement of the nation through the state-of-the-art portals that guarantee mesmerizing experiences for its visitors.

The Philippines (The Republic of the Philippines) is an archipelago country located in the western Pacific Ocean. It is known for its huge numbers of beautiful beaches and tasty fruits. There are a lot of famous dishes in Philippines but chicken adobo is one of the most well-known food loved by everyone.

Features of Philippines pavilion

  • Attested Filipino art, architecture and designs.
  • A chronicle balance of nature, technology and culture.
  • Distinguishing culture demonstrates in traditional and current practical comfort products.
  • A marvelous food experience at Mangrove café.

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Theme ‘Philippines coral Reef (Bangkota)’

The galleries of the pavilion, conveying the main theme of the Bangkota, assure to be an extent to the reality of Filipino culture which is moving in fast speed and continuously. These galleries will be converting the exhibit into a constantly changing information hub.

Philippines pavilion is expected to share dream to protect nature’s surprise. All materials are sourced from the UAE as part of a powerful sustainability message concentrated on the need to secure coral reefs and marine living.

The essential need to secure precious marine life throughout abundant islands in the Philippines from an increasingly climate change warning is the most important message on the country’s pavilion at Expo 2020.


Design & Architecture

This pavilion is located in the expo’s sustainability district and planners have committed on creative architecture. It is designed by Filipino firm Budji, Royal architecture.

At 1,300 square meters’ area, the Philippine pavilion may be little as compare to huge structures curarized by other nations but will not be surpassed in its message. Mr. Pineda said, ‘We may have smaller budget and our pavilion may be smaller than other pavilions but wat to show that how we can create a luxurious design from a low budget material.

He further said that once the expo will finish in 2021 organizers will re build the structure in New Clark City, a green and high tech capital city being built 100 km north of Manila.

The pavilion will locate under the Sustainability category near to Canada and Portugal’s pavilions. The pavilion’s flowing walls remind the shape of coral reefs. They are penetrable, made of net, to present the idea of connectivity.



The pavilion’s concept is said to tribute the variety of natural assets that the Philippines has to offer, retaining the overall design of its architectural concept to the coral reefs mother to the archipelago.

In the expo 2020 Philippine pavilion will convey the message to the visitors that they should not violate the neighbor. The bangkota is about understanding and by announcing that we are connected. Filipino hope it enhance more respect for nature and each other. What you don’t want done with you, you should not do that same thing to others.

The pavilion is divided into 8 zones, in which it will feature a tropical forest, an area that describes the country’s original heritage, a cultural area, the making of bangkota, a store selling exclusive Expo 2020 merchandise, a garden on the roof deck, a plaza and a café.

The idea of the overall place is for an individual to commence on a journey of discovery and its natural, unorganized shape bring you to stops exhibiting the nature of the Philippines and inaugurating precepts like Nature is peace, Man is Nature and variety of the world.

What to explore inside?

  • The visitors will play an important role in the fully experience as they create the portrait sequence by freely negotiating the interiors.
  • The visitors will become the part of the story, where digital mass production technology communal and modern art cinematically will surround the environment.
  • The visitors will experience tropical forest vibe when they will walk through the turning path.
  • Visitors will witness that how nature developed man’s design in crafts and culture via various holographic pictures and art pieces.
  • Visitors will be having a sensuous experience by seeing the diverse ecosystem what Philippine has to offer in the Philippines’s pavilion.

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