Quranic Park Dubai – Whats new in Dubai?

Quranic Park Dubai is a new addition in to Dubai’s cultural attraction. It is located in Al Khawaneej, Dubai and making waves as first park inspired by Quran. It is opened for public since 29th March 2019. Quranic park is an initiative by Dubai Municipality. It offers its visitors the advantage to learn more about the miracles and plants mentioned in Muslim’s Holy book Quran park via fun attractions.

Quranic park is full of learning process whether you are curious about knowing the religion or you are seeking the outing destination with family. There are variety of surprises inside the park at every step you will learn something new. It is a good spot to provide visitors a better cultural, educational understand of Islam and its heritage.

Inside the Quranic Park:

The Quranic park Dubai is a shining verdant space with 60-hectare area with filled with plants and miracles that mentioned in Quran to display them for the people who wanted to know. There are few attractions in Quranic Park which will be mentioned below;

Glass House:

You will find a glass house located at the back side of the park. It is the most interesting lace for botany students or enthusiasts. This glass house has 29 plants and trees in it and these all are mentioned in Holy Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). These trees and plants are for corns, olives, barley, basil, banana, pomegranate, wheat and a lot more.

When you will be entering inside the Glass house you can find a whole list of plants and trees that you will find inside. It is a calming and very peaceful place of Quranic park where you can roam around for hours and enjoy the beauty of plants and can learn about their benefits.

There you can find plagues for every plant and tree, that describe the respective plant of tree and its advantages and health benefits. Each plant is mentioned with its name and details which mentioned above which will be helpful for a person even who don’t know about the plant and its benefits on life.

The temperature is normalized or maintained with cool air coming from vents that are hidden inside the tree trunks. The plants and trees are kept watered by nozzles fitted inside the bronze poles that are spraying water at different times according to the need of the particular plant or tree.

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Don’t forget to visit the observation deck of the glass house where you can see the top view of the park and click the excellent memorable pictures of yours. You can find restrooms here as well as prayer rooms for people who wants to pray. The most important element of any visit is food which you can find just outside the glass house entrance a cart selling snacks and beverages.

Cave of Miracle:

Cave of the miracle is the top most attractive place you can find in Quranic park. This is the man-made cave houses and their displays that depicts the seven miracles mentioned in Holy Quran. You can see the miracle of Prophet Uzair (PBUH) returned alive, Prophet Musa (PBUH) miracle of parting of the sea and miracle of Prophet Ibrahim(PBUH) in reviving a bird like that some more miracles. The walls of cave offer you with seating without losing any view of cave, you can sit back and calm fully watch the miracles that are unfolding in front of you.

Here you can walk through in the cave and watch the video that are played throughout your cave houses journey. These video clips are guiding out that you are following the right direction or not. But the issue is the audio which is playing with the video is only in Arabic language but they are planning to give English subtitles or audio soon for the non-Arabic speakers. The UAE residents can earn this opportunity who are curious to know about Islam and to learn about Holy Quran and the details in it through a fun and relaxing tour.

The park attraction:

Apart from these two attractions of park there is a lot more for you in Quranic park that you can enjoy such as lush green grassy land, colorful beds of flowers and the most important attraction 12 Islamic gardens worth seeing. You can see kiosks with Arab gold calligraphy which explains these all garden contains and their benefits.

You can mesmerize with the running fountain with a walkway that separates between them, that are inspired from the miraculous patrician of the sea. This is on the way to glass house and the perfect picture taking spot. Visitors can relax under the shaded area on fixed benches to enjoy the views. You can find cafe house serving coffee, desserts and chocolates at one corner of the park and right next to the café there are multiple playing areas where kids can play and remain busy during your tour of park.

Entrance fee:

It is the good part of this park that it is free entry for all. However, there is a small amount to be paid for entering in two main attractions of Quranic park and the amount is only 5 to 10AED.

You can pay your ticket price for glass house and miracle cave by using NOL at the entrance of these two attractions. You can find the NOL recharge also just outside the cave of miracles to recharge your NOL card.

Timings of Quranic Park:

The timings for the park is 8am to 10 pm from Sunday to Saturday. But keep in your mind that the attractions of the park have different timings.

For Glass house and cave of Miracle timings are;

Saturday to Thursday: 9am to 9pm.

Fridays or any other holiday: 3pm to 9pm.

It is recommended to visit the Quranic park in weekdays to explore it in detail and relax atmosphere as there would be more people on weekends and you may not be able to enjoy every attraction of the park.



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