Korea Pavilion – Expo 2020

Korea Pavilion – Expo 2020 will showcase the amazement of the future mobility. This will be a walk into the limitlessness where future mobility near to life. It is located in Mobility district of Expo 2020 Dubai.

As connect with vast possibilities, the exhibition promoting Korea’s soft power and automation in the area of mobility will bring a fascination as well as piercing for deeper meaning and glance of the future mobility.

South Korea is an East Asian country on the Southern division of the Korean Peninsula, exchange one of the world’s heavily militarized borders. The South Korea is known for its green mountains countryside marled with cherry trees.

It is also famous for its entertainment industry and economy flourishing, with different companies like LG, Olympic games, Hyundai in 1988.

Features of South Korean pavilion

  • An energetic front side of the pavilion which is continuously changes during the course of the day.
  • An associated experience splitting across real and essential environments.
  • A lively installation that interconnects with the audience and its habitat.
  • The experiential journey on the mobile instructed trail will take visitors through different and unparalleled architecture with an order of mobility linked experiences.

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Theme of the South Korean pavilion

‘Smart Korea, Moving the world to you’ is a decided theme of South Korean pavilion at Expo 2020. Korean pop old culture will be main attention area in South Korea’s pavilion.

Korea pavilion-Expo 2020 will stand for ‘the nation tries to direct humanity towards a brighter future’. South Korean travel, music, 4th industrial revolution aspirations and pop culture will be highly mention through its ‘constantly changing’ country pavilion in Expo 2020.

Endorsing the theme ‘Smart Korea, Moving the world to you’, this pavilion will entertain with the help of various events to exploit on the ‘international popularity of its television, music and cinema’.

Architect and design

The Architect of the South Korea’s pavilion is Mooyuki Architects. Noonyon’s proposal for the pavilion gives a space that is both virtual and physical. As a physical space the box dilated in all directions which reflects incapacity of a physical area to shelter the explosive growth in size, the physical space increases into a virtual space.

In one place expo 2020 Dubai disclosed that rotating cubes will be used to produce constantly changes in images on the exterior of the pavilion. The South Korea’s pavilion, comprising 5,200m2, attributes a five-storey design that attracts on the concept of a group performance of dance with excitement.

Things will be on display to highlight Korea’s endowment to industry4.0, technology like artificial intelligence, global things and essential reality. A curl-shaped exhibition area will be there to offer panoramic views of the Expo 2020, inside the Republic of Korea pavilion.

Noonyoon design explains ‘mobility’ as the procedure which a user will become a creator. This transformation is fair more obvious than in the 2020 Korea’s pavilion which will be a good opportunity to share Korea’s philosophy of development and achievement by technology.


Construction of the pavilion

Super dimensional entry obtained an honorable statement as part of the structure’s design competition held for South Korean pavilion for Expo 2020 Dubai.

According to Construction reports, Korea business investment promotion company (Kotra), a member of South Korea’s ministry of Trade, Industry and energy, is increasing the development of pavilion.

Kotra shows at Korean’s pavilion official website that this pavilion’s project is expected $14.3m cost for construction and adding the design cost total will be around $805,125m.

Visitors experiences

A future aimed visitor experience will spotlight the best of Korean style, art, pop culture and technology. A lively canvas of colors, futurism and culture expect visitors to the Korea’s pavilion at Expo, signifying the nation’s attempts to navigate humanity to a perfect and bright future.

Visitors will experience the virtual space of the pavilion through their personal device, after downloading an app. They can show their own texts, images or videos on exterior walls of the pavilion. They can design their own shape, pattern and color that compose the basic module of a structure and can SMS it. They can enjoy in both way as a user and creator too.


visit official website: https://www.expo2020dubai.com/

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