Russia Pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai

Russia pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai is based on creative and innovative mind that driving the better and developed future. The pavilion is a source for all the audience to see that what future minds will be able to get.

This pavilion will be a line to think and find answers about various question popping up in your minds. Such as How do we search our places in the world? Or How can we understand greatly to each other in the face of or differences? And How can we link with people and their minds without operating them physically?

The Russia pavilion will give the visitors an insight that the country sees the future in this way. Russia is basically a European country located in Eastern Europe. It is well known for its very cold climate in the world. Some more famous stuff of Russia is vodka, bears and these type of drinks.

Russian women are very pretty and they are known among beautiful women of the world. Russian food is also very famous their main courses are lush with meat, fish mushrooms and served with other things by side like potatoes, pasta, boiled vegetables and steamed vegetables as well.

Important Features of Russian Pavilion

  • To find an opportunity see inside ourselves
  • To witness fascinating and mesmerizing night view at pavilion
  • To enjoy the huge range of Russian cuisine at different restaurants available on pavilion
  • To experience Russia’s extensive know-how in different fields
  • To experience the fact and possibilities of future or your tomorrow.


‘Creative Mind Driving the Future’

Russian pavilion’s main theme is creative mind that is driving the future. The pavilion is showcasing Russia’s intense knowledge in different walks of life, which will bring visitors to the very extreme level where they will be able to find the possibilities for making their future better and more effectively use.

The Russian pavilion is one of the expo’s most popular pavilion in regard with its focal level on innovation and future shaping techniques and technologies. Through this pavilion we can reveal technologies and creativity which will drive us towards future advancements.

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Mobility District

The Russian pavilion set to be located in Mobility district of Expo site 2020. Russian pavilion will add to the excitement of visitors about what they expect to find at the Expo. Ground has broken on Russia pavilion Expo 2020 with the spherical design of structure set to fill an area of 4,562m2. It will be one of the largest pavilion among other pavilions.

Architect/Design ‘Tchoban SPEECH, Simpateka entertainment Group’

The Russian pavilion is designed by Tchoban SPEECH, Simpateka entertainment Group. Commissioner General of Russia pavilion, Deputy minister of industry and trade, ambassador of Russian Federation to UAE and Consul general of Russian Federation in Dubai and Executive director of Expo 2020 were attended the groundbreaking ceremony of Russian pavilion in 2019.

Russia had inked the Russian participation in 2018 in Expo 2020. It is said by Al-ALI that we are sure that Russia pavilion with its keen focus on innovation and future making technologies will convert it Expo’s most famous pavilion that visitors will excite to watch what they will imagine only.


Dubai based OP3 company is selected as this pavilion’s project management consultant for supervising the maintenance, construction and development of the Russia pavilion.

Moscow- headquarter crocus International is taking forward the responsibilities of construction work of this pavilion, and its task is the delivery of the interior and the fit outs work for the structure. Architecturally different design is featured by ANO for the pavilion. Simpateka entertainment Group will arrange the technology, exhibition and the visitors journey inside the pavilion.

It is make sure by the service providers that the Russia pavilion will be practicing the safest procedures and levels of health, safety and environment are met all together all phases of the pavilion.

Expo 2020 Dubai is a great opportunity where 191 nations will share their future together as well as encourage visitors to connect their minds for the greater and brilliant future ahead so that is expected from The Belarus pavilion as well.

Russia is set to connect and link people with one another at Expo 2020. The Russia pavilion aims to help people understand each other and reduce their differences. The structure will link people and their thoughts with moving them physically.

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