Saudi Arabia Pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai

Saudi Arabia pavilion in Expo 2020 is a glance of Saudi Arabia’s sparkling future. This Pavilion will represent the country’s welcoming role and fundamental culture.

Saudi Arabia (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) is a country in Western Asia comprising the vastness of the Arabian Peninsula. Saudi Arabia is a safe country with very strict laws and traditions.

Features of pavilion

  • 13,069 sq. of area or the size of two football pitches.
  • Experience the kingdom’s well off history and modification.
  • Symbolizes Saudi Arabia’s welcoming persona, lengthy heritage and eventual drive.

Saudi Arabia pavilion’s aim

This pavilion’s aim is to represent a big window opening up from the floor and climbing into the sky, will offer visitors a mesmeric journey showcasing Saudi Arabia’s modification.

It is also showing the balance between rich Saudi heritage and natural amazement with energy, creativity and transformation of its people. The pavilion will illustrate how Saudi Arabia is forming both its own and other world’s future.


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has revealed the design of its pavilion for the Expo 2020. The pavilion is designed by Boris Micka Associates. This rectangular shape pavilion will stand at an angle, is designed to be instantly noticeable to the visitors at the Expo.

The pavilion will be second in size. A path will guide visitors through different exhibitions which showcase the country’s highlighted sincerity to business, tourists and the desire to build connections with other countries.

Reem Al Hashimy, UAE Minister of state for international cooperation said, ‘How our region is working with each other to make a better future for everyone. We are cheerfully welcoming our brother and sisters from the kingdom as they join for the very first World Expo to be happen in the Middle east, South Asia and Africa.

This remarkable and novel design perfectly expresses the determination of Saudi Arabia to complete its promise of being determined nation while forwarding a message of partnership with other world.

Theme ‘Windows to the nature’

The pavilion is made as a ‘window to the future’ that describes the nation’s welcoming character, heritage and eventual drive. Visitors can expect an ‘mesmerizing experience of the kingdom’s modification’. They focused on the history of Saudi Arabia as well as the future of the kingdom.

All Saudis can be proud of the motive that this pavilion will convey to the world. They will look ahead to inviting international citizens to share in the thrilling story of their blooming and vibrant community.

The façade of the pavilion shows the Kingdom’s unlimited drive, welcoming character and a fundamental culture.

Saudi Arabia pavilion will showcase the culture, heritage and kingdom’s good terms with other countries.  It will be a great experience to visit the Saudi pavilion.

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