Schools in Sharjah can pick from 3 learning models in 2022, according to a new weekend Plan in UAE

From the new year forward, schools will be closed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday according to the new weekend Plan in UAE.

Schools in Sharjah will be able to choose among several models following the transition to a four-day workweek from 2022. Schools will continue to be closed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in Sharjah as well as government departments. The loss of one academic day each week will negatively affect students. In order to make up for this, the Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA) suggests that schools:

1. Increase the daily timeframe

There are no restrictions on how long a school day should be or how long classes should last at private schools. Classes for each subject cannot be shortened.

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2. Schedule after-school online classes

E-classes can be held for a maximum of three hours per week per school.

3. Extend the academic year by one week

The academic year can be extended by a maximum of seven days. A school can make use of the flexible holiday week that is granted to them or extend the school year by another week before the summer break begins.

Schools that follow the Ministry curriculum

When it comes to assessments and exams, private schools that follow the ministry’s curriculum are required to follow the ministry’s timetable.

Early this week, authorities in Sharjah announced that weekend would be extended to three days. The rest of the Emirates will observe a two-and-a-half day weekend, with Friday half-day, Saturday and Sunday including.

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