September 27 marks the start of a new season at Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Attractions: A new behind-the-scenes tour is being introduced to the wildlife park for the first time. Through the guidance of an animal shepherd, visitors can get close to the animals, learn about their habitats, and find out how to take care of them. There are a variety of animals from around the world living in the park, in an environment that is similar to what they would experience in their natural habitats.

“The park offers a world-class experience for wildlife safaris in Dubai, said Ahmed Al Zarooni, director of Dubai Municipality’s Department of Public Parks and Recreational Facilities in the world; it offers opportunities to learn about the habitats and species of different kinds of animals, including ungulates, carnivores, birds, reptiles, primates, and small mammals, including several endangered species.

There will be a wide variety of shows, events, exhibitions, and educational experiences for visitors to the park during the coming season.”

There are drive-throughs showcasing the first crocodile exhibit in the world, the largest group of baboons in the UAE, the largest lion exhibit in the country, and the only hippo and tiger exhibits in the country. Walkthrough aviaries in the park have birds from all around the world. About 3,000 animals live in the 116-hectare park, including 78 species of mammals, 50 types of reptiles, 111 species of birds, as well as amphibians and invertebrates.

New species can be found in the park this season, including the squirrel monkeys, the monkeys of Mona, the Arabian wolves, and northern white-cheeked gibbons. Additionally, there are 111 newborns from different animal species at the park. With local and international programs, Dubai Safari Park introduces, incubates, and exchanges new animals throughout the year. New animals have been added to the park’s breeding program before the new season begins.

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