Shindagha Historic District

Shindagha Historic district is known as Al Shindagha. It is an area in the traditional center of Dubai in UAE. The ruler of Dubai Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum lived in the area from 1912 till 1958. The residence of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum were reconstructed in Al Shindagha is now present there a public museum.

Shindagha historic district is bordered by the area of Bur Dubai on south and on west by port Rashid. This district was started moderating and expanding in early 20s when the Ruler of Dubai and its family settled themselves in beautiful neighborhood of Al Shindagha.

It is no doubt that this district is among the good, peaceful and informative tourist attractions. People can visit many areas near to this and can plan all these attractions in one tour to take benefit from it. This district is being restored to displays Emirati culture and heritage.

Introduction of the district:

Shindagha Historic district is located on the shores of Creek and famous for its old coral clad houses. These houses had wind towers which is known as traditional air conditioners in old times of Arabic. There are plenty of attractions in Shindagha historic district such as Diving and heritage museum and house of Sheikh Saeed al Maktoum. This district is a quiet place with fence around.

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The house that was built by the father of Sheikh Saeed in 1896 and displays many breath taking collection of coins, stamps and photos of Dubai. Many treasure to be found in this house and even the district itself such as traditional food stalls, cafés and dhows and abras sail nearby. The few homes and building were rebuilt or reconstructed and some of them are now using as museum where normal public can explore about these buildings and learn about their history.

Aim about the District:

Shindagha waterfront redevelopment is also a part of the main plan to make it a cohesive historical district by building it on the both banks of            Dubai Creek. There are also hoping to qualify for Unesco World Heritage status. Shidagha Historic district is also promises to be the largest open air museum on the earth. It is serving the north most link between the areas of Bur Dubai and Deira Dubai.

Important things to know about Shindagha historic district:

This project is highlighting Dubai’s culture, heritage, restoring and creating the new and mesmerizing attractions to serve insight on Dubai’s history.

  • Shindagha district history links with ruling family:

Shindagha district is also known as a historical area in terms of its connection with ruling family as they were originally lived there. It is also among the city’s most important historical districts. The ruling family lived there for many years which made this area so highlighted in historical way.

  • Hope to be Largest open museum:

It is seeking to create itself the largest open door museum in whole world with link of 23 secondary museums with it.

  • Reconstruct the houses:

The Dubai municipality wats to rebuild the different buildings in this historical district and trying to retain the original construction structure as much as they can to retain its history in original condition and way.

  • Visitors:

It is hoping in regards with this district that almost 12 million visitors will visit this attraction in Dubai.

  • Renovated buildings:

Till now almost more than 150 historical buildings get renovated such as Sheikh Saeed al Maktoum’s house.

  • Houses into museum form:

Many houses in this district is converted into museum like craft weaving or textile house, jewelry house traditional fashion house and health care house as well.

  • Traditional navigational techniques:

One important thing in this district is to plan a navigation themed pavilion with complex 6 houses where people can understand the part of astronomy in navigation of old times. They will learn about various traditional navigational techniques, instruments, skills and aspects.

  • Land environments:

The exhibition area of the district is focusing on variety of land environments of UAE. The desert area, coastal and oasis of UAE and their existence’s importance. This area will be linked with a garden filled with native plants, a coffee house, educational and learning centers and restaurants.

The Shindagha historic district Three sites:

It has three sites Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum house, the diving village and Heritage village.

Sheikh Saeed al Maktoum house was made in 1896 and the family of Sheikh was living with him in this house till 1958. After that this house is turned into a museum showcasing photographic collections of Sheikhs. This house is a learning walk about the Dubai’s past, the living style, culture and a lot more.

The diving village displays Dubai’s pearl diving business with other marine activities in Dubai. People can see the building process of boats, net making and many more handcrafts in making processes.

Heritage village will bring visitors into different traditions and culture that have been historically similar in the region. Visitors can walk through stone buildings, barsatis, agricultural courtyards and they can learn about the traditional medicines even, making of jewelry and blacksmithing.

Like these three main sites of the historical district there are many other monuments and building to explore and during the exploration you can enjoy the Arabic traditional food on the restaurants nearby.


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