Singapore Pavilion Expo 2020 Dubai

Singapore is an island with equatorial climate and mixed culture population, it flourishes as a compact yet durable and expendable city. There 85% of the populations lives in high-rise apartments located near the lush green parks. Singapore is known for its modern & high-rise buildings and clean roads. There are very strict laws to maintain the cleanliness of streets and this same image they maintain in Singapore Pavilion Expo 2020 Dubai to reflect Singapore.

Singapore Pavilion Expo 2020: Nature. Nurture. Future.

WOHA’ has been finalized by the urban development authority to construct and design the Singapore pavilion.

Expo 2020 Dubai main theme is ‘Connection of Minds, creating the future’ and Singapore pavilion will contribute as a reliable district which will be reflected by this pavilion designed by Gimshaw Architects.


Singapore Pavilion is a three-storey pavilion designed under the theme ‘Nature, Nurture and Future’ It is designed with beautiful shrubs, tropical trees, a hanging garden and three cones wrapped in greenery.

The Singapore pavilion has a very define architectural diagram of three cones covered by a solar shade. This layered architecture is designed through landscape ‘Garden cones’ that add sensory, multimedia displays and a windy shade walk that brings visitors to an open sky market place.

Its topes level is covered by a solar shade and after that it cooled through mist fans, but the lowest and last level (called the ground galleria), be made up of displays and a retail space.

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Idea behind the design

WOHA architect designed pavilion so ravishing and stunning, it looks like they converted a beautiful Singapore into Dubai’s desert territory.

In one of their statement WOHA Wong Mun Summ said that with our Singapore pavilion design, we want to show that it is feasible to build an independent green oasis anywhere in the world, even in the dry dessert.

Wong explains the idea behind WOHA’s design that planting a lot of trees and greenery is the good way to take instant action against climate change.

He further said that planting more trees will be the most effectual, affordable and most available solution to global warming. It can be done anywhere, anytime. He said that Singapore has been introducing many ways to become one of the greenest and cleanest place in the world. We hope to share this information and creation at Expo 2020.

What is the theme of Singapore Pavilion?

‘Nature, Nurture and Future’

Displaying Singapore’s urban creations, the net-zero energy pavilion architected by WOHA, explores our journey as regards to enjoyable and flexibility.


  • Visitors can amble across a hilly landscape and 9-meter tall garden cones, to witness Singapore’s good name and reputation as a city in a garden.
  • Visitors will be entertained by the beautiful sights, mesmerizing scenes and sounds of nature at the garden galleria, garden cones and hanging garden in Singapore pavilion
  • Architect designed pavilion in a spectacular way that it showcases Singapore’s culture, natural beauty, heritage, multitude of orchids and innovative urban designs.
  • Visitors can explore more about Singapore through programs and displays while enjoying a presentable showcase of Singapore’s divergent flavors.


Singapore Pavilion is an inspiration that starts and ends with immense love for nature. It will be a wonderful experience of tropical rain forest of shrubs, lush trees and orchids. It will be a great exploring encounter of ideas for resilience, sustainability and livability.

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