Spain Pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai

Spain Pavilion in Expo 2020 is showcasing Spain’s close and old links with the Arabic countries.

Spain is located on Europe’s Iberian Peninsula, contains 17 self-determined regions with various culture and geography. Spain is famous for its food made with meat or seafood. Spain is the most popular country for tourism as it is known for its beautiful sunshine which mesmerizes millions of people to its cities and coasts every year.

Spain will be one of the main participants at the event, which will lead together over 200 countries and worldwide organizations in an intersection of renovation, business and culture

Features of Spain pavilion
  • The compact ‘Town squares’ to relax, shop and grasp a bite.
  • A sub-basement exposition area that links with the open public places.
  • Built from recyclable substances including wood and iron.

Spanish creativity

Through Spain pavilion you can discover Spanish creativity from the beginning. Searching everything from ancient innovation and venture to organ transplants and biodiversity, the Spain pavilion proposes diverse experience with a town square aura.

The conical shape of the Spanish Pavilion improves air flow to remain visitors chill as they enjoy traditional amusement and go through into 800 years of Islamic laws in Spain, an interval during which literature, architecture and education blossomed.

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Theme ‘Intelligence for life’

Spain’s team stated that The Spanish pavilion has a design in tune with its message ‘Intelligence for life’. It is designed to be reusable once Expo 2020 will be over.

The theme sums up the priority connections aim of the pavilion which is creativeness, magnitude for innovation and direction to preserve a fair quality of life on the planet, for future generations.

The pavilion will present Spain at Expo 2020 which is the prosperous program for boosting a country’s brand and an individual platform for technology, science, business and cultural foreign policies.

The Common theme is divided into three big areas: Mobility, sustainability and opportunity. Human’s challenges need contemporary solutions in order with the United Nations sustainable development goals(SDG).

Architect (Amann Canovas Maruri)

Construction began on Expo 2020 for Spain pavilion in Sep 2019. The ground broke down for the structure which will attribute reusable materials like wood, fabric and iron.

The Spain pavilion is located in World’s Expo 2020 Sustainability District. Amann Canovas designed the structure for Spain pavilion which will be spanning 6,000m2.

The Spanish pavilion is built in an area which is economically perfect and home to a fee zone, airport and investment parks. The location promotes logistical and operational productivity with maximum security.

The venue can facilitate the entrant and access of 60,000 visitors throughout peak hours. It is expected to have 2.5 million visitors in Spain pavilion in 173 days.


The Spain pavilion at Expo 2020 is made up of different multi-purpose places that visitors can use to discover, sit, relax, read and congregate. They will be functioning like little Urban squares with various services and shops, where visitors can pass their time and enjoy the facilities.

This pavilion’s area is designed to be an undercroft space which will make use of the thermal and phonic protection that being underground supply.

The concept of this design to bring people together in an adventures, dynamic and surprising experience, to entertain with creativeness, scientific, technology, educational, artistic and philosophical projects with Spanish flair.

Exceptional public interest

The Spain pavilion will be a program of exceptional public interest. It is expected to be an event of tremendous curiosity by visitors. This pavilion will help to enhance awareness and encourage about the saving of energy and recycling process.

It will be built to be a structure with sustainable materials which will showcase to the pavilion visitors. The Spanish pavilion will position Spain as an important nation on a global stage.

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