Dubai Spice Souk – United Arab Emirates

Dubai Spice Souk is also known as old Souk which is a traditional market od Dubai, UAE. Dubai is famous for its luxuries life of malls and creative architecture and many more exciting places but The Spice Souk is one of the old market that marked itself into all those expensive and well known attractions.

The Spice market is located in Dubai’s eastern area called Deira and close to Dubai Gold Souk. The Spice souk is in Baniyas street which is the locality of Al Ras.

The Dubai Spice Souk comprises different narrow lanes that are lined with open and shaded stores as well. The stores of this Souk sells variety of spices and fragrances from frankincense and Shisha of many herbs used in Arabic and South Asian dishes.

They are selling globally known spices in this area that is famous in this regard. Different household, tea powders and raw from, incense, textiles, rugs and artifacts are also sold in this Souk. The mostly trade in Spice souk happens through haggling.

There is another fact related to the Dubai Spice Souk is that the number of Spice trading stores have been decreasing gradually as the supermarkets, larger stores and house hold stores has tremendously increasing in numbers. Indeed, the store is an attraction place for the tourists.

The Spice Souk in one of the popular Souks in Dubai where the local visitors and international tourists like to visit. Dubai is actually having many Souks of these sizes and fame but in Spice world this is the only Famous and giving hundred percent assurance to the people, of original spices that are selling there.

inside the Spice Souk:

The narrow passage of Dubai Spice Souk is lined with small shops and store that are selling every sort of herbs and different types of spices under the sky. The air inside the market is filled with pungent aromas coming from colorful sacks of turmeric, cumin, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and pepper of every type.

Many shops out there are selling dry fruits also. These all natural herbs and spices are transported from the countries who have the natural resources to produce these herbs, dry fruits and spices such as; Pakistan, Iran, India and many others.

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Each store has its own type of variety or you can say the different rate and quality from other which makes this market more attractive. Some shops or stores of this market are very famous for selling specialize saffron that is most expensive and unique in its benefits, spice in the world.

You can find there mostly traders of the stores belongs to Iran as it is well known country in producing original and high quality spices and herbs. You need to haggle with the traders to buy any spice of your interest as it is an open market which has a lot of competition and every merchant has many things to offer and claim as the best quality they are selling.

Feel the taste from the various fragrances:

While roaming around the market you will inhale the different fragrances from vanilla pods and ginger roots. You can find anything in this Souk whatever you heard in various cooking shows or recipes, you can buy from there. The best part of this market is that vendors of the market receive daily fresh stuff from the respective country they brought which is why their fragrances are strong enough that you may feel the taste of it through smell only.

They display spices in numerous Jute bags, the colorful spices look amazingly good in these bags lying in the stores. The vibrant color and effects brought the attention of many international tourists among the spices and herbs so even they won’t know about these fully but they love to buy it.

You may not be a cook or interested in cooking but these fresh and original spices will enhance the taste of your cooking skills into tremendous way. There not only the spices or herbs that you can find but a lot more household stuff like chocolate coated dates, nuts of different qualities and species, various types of tea and coffee and a lot more.

How to buy spice or anything at Spice Souk?

After knowing about amazing facts of Spice Souk of Dubai, you might have interested to visit there for buying apices or herbs. But before you go there you should keep little thing in your mind.

First there is a lot of competition among traders and vendors so be very careful before buying anything as every store has good quality stuff but may be differ in country it belongs or the species it belongs, so it is your task to have good knowledge about the particular spice you want to buy which will help you to find the best for you.

Second thing You have to bargain from the sellers because this full market is having a lot of shops for the same thing, so it’s not like if you are not buying from one store you cannot find that herb or spice anywhere else. So keep this margin and bargain before buying specially if you want to buy saffron as its price is too high naturally but there you can find it at low cost after haggling.

One important thing is the sellers already knew that the person will bargain after knowing the price so what they do, they will tell you the double of the price earlier so after bargaining they will at the exact price they want. Now this depends on you how to control this situation by not showing them the attitude of your eagerness for the thing.


The Spice Souk is open seven days of the week and the opening hours are from 10am to 10pm from Saturday to Thursday but still during the week some shops are close during 1pm to 4pm as a short break for Prayer and lunch. On Friday they open their shops from 4pm to 10 pm.

Location and how to get to Spice Souk:

The Spice Souk is located in Dubai’s most industrialize area called Deira Dubai. Near Bani Yas road’s junction and close to Old baldiya Road. You can go by Metro to this spot, Al Ras Metro station is the closest Metro station of Spice Souk, this station is on green line and just away few hundred yards from the market.

You can enjoy the Abra ride to get to the Spice Souk through Dubai Creek. Abra is a small boat so while going for the shopping of spices you can entertain with the ride and the fare is also affordable for the same. The nearest Abra station is Deira old souq Abra station.



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