Sweden Pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai

Sweden Pavilion in Expo 2020 shows the forest as an emblem for co creation and working together in co-creation, helps nation to come up with new solutions to the complications.

Sweden is a Scandinavian country with several coastal islands, lakes with huge boreal forests and chill mountains. It is known for its big number (50) of bridges, as well as Gothic old town, Royal Palaces and museums.

Sweden is a beautiful country popular for its clean and wide streets, successful well-being and a good percentage of irreligious people.

One more very famous thing for which Sweden is popular, is that working in Sweden provides you bucket full of holidays. The local citizens of Sweden are very good to the foreigners.


Features of Swedish pavilion

  • To exploit co-creation with leaders in clever and digital organizations.
  • To experience about societies that how they built so transparent, inventive and open.
  • To explore life in a forest with enjoying a coffee with different people in pavilion.


The concept of Sweden pavilion is to showcase the Scandinavian woods with Islamic geometric combination. It is design to impress the architecture and narrative of the Sweden pavilion at Expo 2020.

It is expected that visitors can wander by its path, bordered by wooden trunks, and learn how smart cities are built in Sweden. They will learn that how they Sweden is developing the next generation of travel, inventing life sciences and expanding a bio-annular economy.

Participation in Dubai Expo 2020 will be one of the greatest investment developmental activities follow out by Sweden in coming years.

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Theme ‘Co-Creation for Innovation’

The doors will open to Expo 2020, displaying an extraordinary Swedish Pavilion named ‘The Forest’. Under the theme of ‘Co-Creation for Innovation’, a progressive group of Sweden businesses, Universities and many more will showcase the best Sweden has to offer for making a smart community.

The forest as an extending ecosystem, has motivated the project of pavilion as an exceptional symbol of co-creation and interactive aid, common-support and mutual respect. The forest creates a society sharing the one (same)root, a sequence of interrelated individuals.

It is a place like heaven that promote imagination and creativity in a dynamic and growing ecosystem.

Concept behind Architecture

The Forest is both a sign and architecture. It is a Swedish emblem on one hand, an archetypal atmosphere and at the same time it is a society of interrelated living beings.

It is designed by Alessandro Ripellino Architects, Studio Ardien Gardere and Luigi Pardo Architetti. This design aims to remake the Nordic forest of Scandinavia. The Sweden’s plans to build the structure, located at the Expo 2020 Sustainability district by using woods. They picked 350 trees to construct the pavilion in spring 2018.

Visitors would have enlightened, boosted with energy and will fill with the immerse feeling.


Design and Space

The Architectural vital of the pavilion is built on an open ground floor where visitors can stroll in the forest and uncover the exhibitions.

The private events and conference spaces are hang above, stimulating the image of tree houses. The impression of a boundless forest landscape is strengthening by the use of mirrors that blur the spaces’ edges, like the haze of the forest.

The different types of spaces presenting the programs of the pavilion are all enlivened by the metaphor of the forest. This logic, enforced to the architectural and exhibition concepts and connected with total visits and unique experiences.

Materials Used

The materials used in building the Sweden pavilion is listed below

  • Cross laminated Timber and construction elements.
  • Solar panels for front cladding, building and roof services.
  • Wooden screen for tree houses and solar shading.
  • Brass panels for conference entrance and façade facing.

At one place Sweden’s Ambassador of UAE (HE Henrik Landerholm) said, ‘We want to show that Sweden is also a prominent hi-tech and an innovative country with world finest companies and that there are prime business and cooperation opportunities.’


visit official website: https://www.expo2020dubai.com/

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