Switzerland Pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai

Switzerland pavilion in Expo 2020 is superb combination of scenic environment with endless innovation. It was the first nation to confirm its participation in Expo 2020. Swiss pavilion is located in Opportunity district in Expo 2020 Dubai.

Switzerland is a steep Central European country, place to several lakes, villages and the hills of the Alps. The country is well known for its Ski trail and hiking resorts. Switzerland exaggerate some of the world’s most popular inventions. They invented

  • Velcro cellophane
  • Swiss Army knife
  • Helvetica fonts
  • LSD

Switzerland is a fascinating country with mesmerizing mountains and delicate villages. It is for sure among one of the safest place in Europe. They have shown their beauty of mountains and their innovation in their pavilion as well.

Features of Switzerland pavilion

  • An amphitheater arising from a sea of fog, summoning the Swiss mountains.
  • A restaurant who is serving the country’s cuisine.
  • Various exhibitions featuring Switzerland’s innovations.

Theme of Swiss pavilion ‘Reflections’

The Swiss pavilion ‘Reflections’ rotates around reflecting the characteristics of Switzerland’s natural beauty, innovations and culture. It will deliver by a huge series of communal elements and images.

The nation’s fascinating landscapes helping as a backdrop to Switzerland’s solutions for a sustainable future. Displaying the technologies, scientific developments and innovations on Switzerland pavilion in Expo 2020 is also serving for a feasible future.

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The Switzerland pavilion is designed by Zurich-based architects called OOS in partnership with Bellprat Partner and Loren Eugster. The design is based on Swiss culture and beautiful nature which will be provided through a series of collective elements and figures.

The architects create this design of pavilion under the theme of ‘Reflections’, reflecting Swiss natural scenic beauty, culture and innovation. This pavilion will be a cubic structure that shows innovation from Bedouin tents.

It is based on the concept of a tour, visitors will have a great experience of special Swiss values by roaming around the pavilion, which is divided into three dramatic zones.

The front of the building will be fully cover with reflecting film. This will be a temporary structure which will be 70% recyclable.


The pavilion will entertain different numbers of temporary exhibitions that move the spotlight on Swiss innovations. The products & services of private-zone partners and the Swiss tourism zone will promote the economic and enchantment as a tourist station to the UAE.

There will be a famous café named ‘Sprungli Café’ which will be presenting the sweet side of Switzerland by offering a huge variety of Swiss sweets and chocolates.

There will be many bar food selling drinks and cocktails on the rooftop terrace.

At the ground floor exhibition area will display innovations of various Swiss companies. In the same area there will be a stage hosting daily Swiss digital show. A six-minute-long film will be showed to the visitors rotating through the panorama from spring to winter and day to night.

In the ‘Swissnex mobile’ different Swiss partners will showcase their products via small temporary exhibitions and talks.

The facade of the building will totally cover with reflective film which will attract visitors. Here they will roll out the red carpet to the public, Visitors standing there to move in the building, will modify by their existence. The image will reflect by the big mirror up their heads till they enter the crystal cave.

These exhibitions in the Swiss pavilion will be a precious opportunity for Switzerland to convey their substantive message of innovations, developments and their citizen’s participation in political decision taking. It will be a mesmerizing experience for the visitors to walk through this pavilion and experience different exhibitions inside it.

Visit Official website: https://www.expo2020dubai.com/

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