Terra Pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai

Terra Pavilion in Expo 2020 is a journey for a safe planet and choose a good way for the shared future. It is also named as Sustainability Pavilion.

The future of earth swings in the balance and there is no other planet. Terra’s pavilion is inviting you to be an agent of change and help to speed up the rate of securing and preserving the only world(earth)you got.

Important features of Terra’s Pavilion

  • To Dive into ocean’s depth.
  • To see the Earth’s wonder bribed.
  • To explore mankind’s relationship with nature
  • To experience your obsession with lavish consumerism
  • To inspired how to fight against climate change.
  • There are 1,055 solar panels, 130-meter-wide shade which helps to generate 4GWh of energy per year to charge almost 900,000 cell phones.
  • Unusual sprinkling techniques, including recycling system of grey water is expected to reduce water utilization in the landscape by 75%.
  • This pavilion will locate the innovative international projects giving real life instructions to preserve the planet we live in for the future generations.
  • To make your own promise to ensure a reliable future for all.


Terra pavilion in Expo 2020 Dubai is designed by Grim Shaw Architect a UK-based architect which is signified to meet the topes’ available delegation for sustainable architecture, LEED platinum certification.

The director of Terra Sustainability pavilion, is John Bull who narrates himself as a museum experienced builder. He said it is a once in a year opportunity to work with genuinely worldwide substance.

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Concept behind the Design

In Terra pavilion they determined to craft into a story which will attach with every single visitor so they can see the connection. They want them to feel excited, progressed, intense and may be a little bit scared.

This pavilion will be a really good story teller for the visitors. Terra has been planned as a series of immersive adventures that connect visitors with the natural world.

 Bull says; ‘As with an any story, the real success of it is in the depth of the characters and the environment, the places that you design and that is the proposal we have taken ‘immersive’ is a worn out world.

These all enclose immersive environments that take our visitors out of their day to day life and shift them to the new world. Our visitors will find themselves as the main character in these sets.

Different stages in Terra pavilion

There will be a subterranean soap opera where we expect everyone to come out, appreciating it by saying wow: I had no idea that I could so much in common with a tree.

At the next stage visitors will walk up the roots where impressing displays will immerse them. There will be some messages that broadcast from tree to tree when they will go down into the experience. These become increasingly artful and esoteric and more like a gust of electricity zooming from one place to another.

The next stage the visitors will see them standing beneath the hugest U-shaped machine.

It has a mouth with crushing teeth. We call it the Gnasher, ‘Gnasher’ is a machine of countless utilization and Gromit esthetic. Every time we gain something we have to make a choice some of these choices are analytical and sensible some are ridiculous so it is a dark place discouraging and a bit worrying.

Humor is an important element throughout the pavilion that is another technique we are using to confirm we are not boring and preachy.

Spearheading water tree exploratory technology is also showcased in Terra sustainability pavilion.

This pavilion design will sanction to achieve LEED (leadership in energy and environment design) platinum certification. They have 18 energy trees all over the land. They are the structures like a size of a tree, wrap in photovoltaic cells. The head of the tree paths the sun over the course of the day.

The aim has always been for Terra, be an in progress project so after Expo they will regenerate as a science Centre for Dubai.

The Terra pavilion’s visitors experience:

  • A walk through time in an Arabian wade, where cheetahs and mega elephants roam around.
  • An observation and exploring under the ocean to discover the beauty and the secret contained within.
  • A journey via consumption halls learning about the harmful effects of your choices.
  • A communal stroll through roots of the forest where every foot step influences the wood wide web.
  • An experience with a huge intense sea fish whose system is blocked with discarded plastic waste.


visit official website: https://www.expo2020dubai.com/


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