Thailand Pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai

Thailand Pavilion in Expo 2020 is another picture of Thailand, it is an art feature labeled ‘The Miracle of Smiles’ as it is going to promote a positive picture and will display Thailand’s prospective in digital technology for worldwide identification.

Thailand is a country located in Southeast Asia. It is well known for its tropical beaches, luxurious Royal palaces, classical ruins and fancy temples showing figures of Buddha. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. It has many islands with several resorts for tourists. The country has subsidized appreciably in its infrastructure making transmission and access to different locations faster.

Thailand is an also popular country for its people, the culture and the fascinating natural environment, which invites the tourist to Thailand. This is why Thailand is known as a Land of smiles.

The goal of Thailand Pavilion

The goal of this pavilion to attract 7% of the 25 million visitors to the expo 2020, or almost 1,75,000 visitors.

Construction and design

Dr Nuttapon, President/CEO of depa allocate architectural background of Thailand pavilion. He stated the main color is gold, which shows liberal land, with wealthy and natural inheritance, which will be shown in every element of the pavilion’s building.

Thailand pavilion decoration’s inspiration arise from Luck flowers, interlink around the pavilion like floral curtains. Thailand’s pavilion logo will be a flower garland.

The ceiling of the pavilion is a distinguished piece of Thai architecture, which is applied at the front doorway of the pavilion. It will express the grace and charm of Thai greetings.

There will be four exhibition halls inside the building which will represent the different proportions of Thailand, one and all directed by technology.

Thailand pavilion will be divided into 3 stages

Shell and core building

Interior works

External works

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Idea behind the design

Thailand pavilion in Expo 2020 will represent the nation’s pleasant hospitality and its capabilities in digital variation and technology through 550-plus woven fake flowers covering outside of the pavilion.

Every aspect of the construction and design of the Thailand pavilion was concerned to use less energy and power by merging well-designed aspects and solar direction, with natural shading to reduce the heat spread to the building.

World class event

‘Depa’ spread out the chance for Thai businesses to part of a world class event, gathering the best and most individual Thai products for World Expo 2020.

He invites Thai export businesses looking for good opportunities to enter in Middle east market. He asks them to submit their good quality products for selection for the best product, which will be gifted and sold at the Thailand pavilion.

Products that are permitted for selection are distributed into the following categories.

  1. Thai Health and Spa products
  2. Thai handcrafts
  3. Cosmetics
  4. Souvenirs
  5. Jewelry
  6. Ready to eat food products

Products which will be submitted for selection should be made by Thailand and unique to match the targets, which is visitor’s attention.

What is the theme of Thailand Pavilion?

‘Mobility for the future’

Thailand pavilion will be carry under the concept of ‘Mobility for the future’ to display the clever and more intelligent drive of people, products, goods, suspensions and digital inks. This pavilion will suggest the idea of the digital development of Thailand integrated, with Thai oneness via its outstanding digital achievements.

Thailand pavilion theme will represent the country’s transportation system, digital connectivity, logistics and mobility.


  • Thailand pavilion will be an effective event to encourage tourism in Thailand, together with many tourist attractions.
  • The adoption of revolution and digital technology of promoting the tourism will boost visitor’s confidence in Thailand, as a safe and secure country to visit.
  • Visitors can explore more about Thailand through programs and displays while enjoying a presentable showcase of Thailand’s divergent flavors.
  • This event will improve Thailand and UAE relations with each other and with other participating countries in Expo 2020 Dubai.

Construction of the Thailand pavilion will comprise approximately 250,000 man-hours of work, as pavilion is expected to complete and ready to function by September 2020.The pavilion will be located in Mobility district with a huge plot size 3,606 square meters.

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