The India pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai will take you to space or deep inside

Expeditious and colorful, the Indian pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai will offer visitors experiences ranging from space exploration to the exploration of space within. India at Expo 2020 team released a video of a walkthrough of the pavilion and its four floors.

A kinetic façade composed of 600 individual blocks of color adorns the large Indian pavilion at Expo. As panels rotate on their axes, it depicts different themes as they are developed as a mosaic. A unique amalgam of the rich heritage and technological advancements of the nation, it represents the theme of ‘India on the move.

To mark India’s 75th anniversary of independence, the façade will move with 75 stories narrated over 26 weeks. Shows with lights, sounds, and projections will take place on the façade during evening hours.

In the video, Indian culture, ancient treasures, achievements, and cutting-edge technology will be highlighted in the four-story pavilion.

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