The Storm Coaster | How fast is the Storm coaster in Dubai?

Featuring a vertical drop (gulp) and immersive pre-ride experience, the Storm Coaster is the first indoor coaster of its kind. 

Guests are immersed in the exciting world of storm chasing on the aptly named coaster. 

Storm chasing: what is it?

A severe weather phenomenon such as a hurricane, tornado, thunderstorm or other severe phenomenon is what is being pursued. Real-world footage and cinematic effects will be combined to transport daredevils into the heart of an epic mega-storm over Dubai’s skyline. It is important to note that riders must be at least 130cm tall in order to board. 

There is a fee of Dhs49 per person for tickets.

How fast is the Storm coaster in Dubai?

This exciting LSM Launch Coaster, featuring Intamin’s most powerful LSM drive system, has a thrilling vertical launch of 50 meters that will make every passenger’s adrenalin pump. 

On a track of 670 meters and a top speed of 77 kilometers per hour, riders will experience airtime, speed changes, a sharp drop, and unexpected acceleration. 

A ride like the Storm Coaster, which wraps around the entire building it is housed in, is certain to delight thrill seekers of all ages.  

Passengers will enjoy maximum freedom and comfort with the help of three 12-seater, themed state-of-the-art trains featuring ergonomically shaped seats.  

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