The World Dubai – Heart of Europe

The World Dubai is an artificially build archipelago of small islands that are built in a shape of world map. The world islands are located into Persian Gulf waters, and 4 kilometers off the Dubai coast. The World Dubai is known as a Heart of Europe and composed originally of sand dredged from Shallow coastal waters of Dubai. It is among other several artificial islands constructed in Dubai.

The World is developed by Nakheel properties but the project was originally planned and organized by Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai. The construction of the World was done by joint venture of 2 Dutch specialist firms named Boskalis and Van Oord, who also constructed the master piece of Palm Jumeirah.

Construction and history of The World Dubai:

The construction of The World island was started in 2003 and it is composition of 300 islands. The construction of this destination faces many difficulties during construction process and finished in 2008. However, 60% of islands sell to private constructors back in 2008 but still development of many of these islands has not successful. The project was disclosed in May 2003 by the ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed and 60 percent of islands had been sold in 2008.

The Lebanon island was developed in July 2012, it was the only island that developed so far commercially and used for private events and public programs and parties. Then after 2013 two more islands had developed then in January 2014, The Kleindienst Group launched the ‘The Heart of Europe’ project. The first series of the islands in World Dubai are Sweden, Europe and Germany.

Over the past decade Dubai has streamed billions of dollars into whole world; it is a series of more than 300 islands is world map shape and which was promoted as the ultimate offshore playground for the moneyed and famous. The aim was to give a chance of all the best offers from countries around the world. There is Shanghai’s skyline on one side and making new Irish Causeway on another side.

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These islands of different countries have huge floating seahorse homes that surround many of luxurious resorts and restaurants. If you are planning to visit the World Dubai, you will be amazed by seeing the beauty spread over there. All these are visible for a long kilometer was a cluster of hundreds unproductive spots of Earth, dabbing the ocean.

Logistic problems:

The proposal of the World Dubai was looking ambitious and genius from the beginning and provide the tourist a taste of the best ever that The worlds has offer them on one spot. But it was obvious thing that when the project started in 2003 any investors snapping up the land. But later this optimism rapidly changes into zero interest level due to critical issues of location and the cost.

First issue was it was not easily accessible unlike the palm where you can reach by drive but there you need a boat or seaplane. In some reports it was highlighted that islands are sinking because of building on a displaced sand dredged. The international financial crisis created the downfall of this dreamland. The contracts were finished suddenly in 2008, but this all was for the short period time and the world Dubai islands marked its place again globally.

Two islands are left undeveloped still one is Lebanon island, that functions the World Island Beach club and Greenland under Dubai’s ruler ownership.

Aim to build The world Dubai:

The aim to build this destination is islands form and in shape of worlds depicts itself the motive of building it, as they expected to have at least each European country’s one beverage and food outlet there. These islands allow you to have lunch in one country Like Germany and dinner in another country France so you will be enjoying different European countries of these islands that are representing themselves as mini Europe.

There will be expected ancient Mediterranean trees imported from southern Spain which would be 1500 years old along 100,000 natural corals and one coral nursery as well.

The developers of these islands aimed high while building it and pumping sand onto the beach in a try to compensation the erosion from the waters of the sea, and because of this it is expected to lose 12-40 cm sand every year. SO time will prove either the heart of the Europe will bring life back to the World Dubai or not.

Features of the World Dubai:

The architects of Dubai said that they made it on zero discharge policy where they are very conscious regarding the cleanliness of the water around. They use natural fertilizers so which is save for the water living animals so it is an absolutely sustainable landscape. The World Dubai is a big proof that luxury, comfort and sustainability can go side by side.

They are offering an educational program also for the kids who are coming there to teach them about the oral and what is underwater. They teach them how to snorkel and dive down. They provide some area to the kids visiting there to plant their own fragments of coral. The idea behind growing the coral is to enhance growth and they almost build in 1cm in 1 year but if you fragment them they can grow faster then normally.

World Dubai has floating houses of three levels that are floating on this crystal clear water. The lower level is underwater that provides you the chance to experience the marine life underwater. The thought of the developers and organizers of the Herat of Europe is to live on this planet without harming or destroying it.

The world Dubai is the home to the world’s first ever climate control resort with 1000,000 corals, 1500 years old Olive trees and marine life. It is set over 6 man-made islands and away 4 kilometers from the mainland Dubai on a 20 mint short ride of boat. It is hoping that in future the Heart of Europe ‘The world Dubai’ will be greater company for the visitors to amuse with.


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