Turkmenistan Pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai

Turkmenistan is a country in central Asia surrounded by the Caspian Sea and mainly surrounded by the Karakam (Black sand) Desert. Turkmenistan is a safe country as there is very less ratio of brutal crime and other sorts of crime like property theft, mugging and bag snatching. Turkmenistan pavilion in Expo 2020 is an adventure of a journey across Turkmenistan’s culture, escorted by Akhal-Teke horses. These horses are Turkmen horse breed. They are well known for the speed, intelligence and distinctive metallic sheen.

Turkmenistan’s culture is little bit different from other Muslim Asian countries. It’s because that forefathers of the Turkmen were migrant tribes while the modern lands of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan were occupied by settled tribes.

They have shown the majesty of these Akhal-Teke horses in Turkmenistan pavilion as well. A fountain model presenting five Akhal-Teke horses and 50m LED front will welcome the visitors.


The concept of Turkmenistan pavilion is to showcase Turkmen Heritage, culture and modern achievements with their divine dimension, developments and progression towards the expendable achievement Goals.

Expo 2020 stated that the models of five white horses would be extended onto the Turkmen pavilion’s wall. Considering the visitor’s movement within the structure and assisting them towards a connected three-sided hologram.

Turkmen Officials and Executive director of Expo 2020 met at Turkmen Foreign ministry. They emphasized the cooperation among Turkmenistan and The UAE on a huge range. They discussed the importance of this global exhibition in terms of economic and cultural development in trade and humanitarian links among countries.

Theme ‘Sustainability and Recycling’

The Turkmen pavilion’s theme at Expo 2020 is ‘power of five’. A fountain model featuring five horses and 50m LED front side will invite visitors to explore in Turkmen pavilion.

It will be shown local Turkmenistan culture and representing national pride. The horses will play an important role in a pavilion adventure that promises to absorb the senses.

The tour inside the pavilion will guide visitors from a flashy visual show to a space that show the nation’s agricultural links. The theme of the Turkmenistan pavilion will do justice with the main theme of Expo 2020 ‘Connecting the Minds, creating the future’ by showcasing the immersive culture, modern achievements and heritage of Turkmenistan


The Turkmenistan structure has been revealed featuring a 50m LED façade portraying the country’s historical and natural’s attractions. It is expected by this pavilion to showcase the Turkmen’s achievements in different fields such as spiritual dimensions, international chains and the progress towards durable goals.

The Turkmenistan pavilion will be featuring a digital crop that will move pass through and grow in reaction to touch. This pavilion will be located in Mobility district at Expo 2020 Dubai.

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The Turkmen Ministry of Trade and Foreign economic relations appointed the project of Tekmil local enterprise as a Turkmen pavilion. National symbols will be shown on the pavilion. The area of the pavilion will be 1,581 square meters. The opportunities will be constructed here for business conventions.

The pavilion’s one of the walls will be constructed 50 meters’ wide and LED screens will be connected on that wall. These LEDs will display the Turkmen’s natural and historical visions, splendid seascapes and the Caspian Sea pearl and majestic architectures.

The company plans to use original technologies, as well as high-intention videos, which will allow making 3D envisions. Tekmil will be responsible for designing the pavilion as well as construction, decoration, availability of equipment’s and disassembling at the end of the Expo.

Turkmenistan pavilion will be a great experience at Expo 2020 as it will be inspiring journey through Turkmen’s culture, followed by Akhal-Teke horses.

The pavilion will explore the ‘theme of five ‘by displaying a fountain sculpture showing five horses. Through this pavilion Turkmenistan would exhibit its goods and develop a program of business and cultural shows.

So be ready to wander beside Akhal-Teke horse holograms on an associated journey through Turkmen’s rich nature, history and creativity for reliable future. Make sure to visit Central Asian nation’s pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

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