UK Pavilion-Expo 2020 Dubai

The United Kingdom is an island in north western Europe combine up of Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England. London is an international significant center of culture and finance. It is the birthplace of Shakespeare. The culture of the UK has been effected by many elements including; the country’s island rank, its history as a western self-government and a vital power; as well as being centralization of four countries with each conserving factors of typical customs, traditions and association.

The influence of United kingdom’s culture is shown in the language culture and legal forums of many other countries in the world. So it has escorted it to be narrate as a ‘cultural superpower’. The UK has a royal heritage with great values and welcoming domain through this UK pavilion-Expo 2020 Dubai, they will embrace other countries to absorb their culture, food and traditions quickly.

UK is known for its Royal family and best educational institutes. The top best universities of the world like Oxford and Cambridge belongs to UK. It is the heaven of science, creativity and industrialism, where people go to learn new concepts. So that they elaborate their culture and educational innovations in UK pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

The main characteristics of UK pavilion are constantly changing poem on the external side, created by artificial intelligence and visitors’ endowment. The UK pavilion expo 2020 Dubai is motivated by a project of the great scientist Stephen Hawking. In this project he reviewed how humanity could demonstrate itself to an unknown civilization. The pavilion will give an encouraging glance into the future, inspecting everything from the advertisation of space to artificial intelligence.

The UK pavilion will be located in the opportunity district at Expo 2020 Dubai. UK’s contribution in Expo 2020 will be comprise of a self –made country’s pavilion, the events and programs.

Theme ‘Innovation for a shared future’

UK pavilion’s contribution theme is ‘innovating for a shared future’. The UK pavilion will showcase prime British expertise in various zones including space and false(artificial) intelligence. It also presents a platform for six months’ program of business, education, cultural and tourism events.

The UK will be participating in Expo 2020 along 190 other countries with its non-government sponsors and companies, it will be linking with the main theme of Dubai Expo 2020 which is ‘Connecting minds, Creating the future’.

The UK pavilion will represent the theme of commencing conversation, cooperation and showcases. Their aim is to educate and provoke all around the world to work together for the betterment of the work which leads them to their theme of this pavilion’ Innovating for a shred future’.

The United Kingdom will use that wider site of Expo 2020 to showcase the great British culture and creativity with various dance, music and cultural programs. This platform is an ideal place to display the best of British creativity, culture and innovations to the other world.

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Design and Construction

The Award Winner British artist and designer ES Devlin OBE is hired to design the UK pavilion. He designed the pavilion with 12 colleagues in five months. He will highlight the UK’s major expertise in unnatural intelligence, space and mechanism. It will be made by the London and Dubai teams of international brand experience agency, called Advance grade.

The UK pavilion will be a masterpiece with fascinating and wonderful model, the expressing, circular for will enthralling broadcast message that expands an invite to take part and engage in every command. Its design will combine the poetry, visual effect with LED screens, geometry and solar panels. The 20-meter-high front will span into 52cm and then spread over the exhibition, are beneath the crumble cone.

DIT (The department for international trade) is appealing UK-based firms to register their interests to give away exhibits to participate in UK pavilion.

This exhibition will display in a glass display case at hip height level. Visitors will be looking through glass into these cases as they have to walk up and down the maze.

DIT will contribute in the following sections that align with its theme:

  • Video materials
  • Audio recording
  • AR resources
  • Case study and allusion
  • Physical resources
  • Exhibition should be in Arabic & English

What visitors will experience in UK pavilion?

  • Maze of ambition: 

A journey through different brighten displays with an enlarging real experiences that explores the UK’s part in artificial intelligence, learning through machines and space.

  • Choral space:

When visitors will enter the building of UK pavilion they will be automatically be a part of a hypnotic soundscape, will reflect the United Kingdom’s diverse culture.

  • Tone space:

The end of this journey, visitors will travel back to the pavilion’s combined and collective message, transmit across the Expo site.


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