Ukraine Pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai

Ukraine ( Participant: Ukraine Pavilion-Expo 2020 Dubai) is a big country in Eastern Europe recognize for its Orthodox catholic churches, forested hills and black seashore. Ukraine is formally announced itself a self-sufficient country on 24th of August 1991. When Parliament of Ukraine demonstrated that Ukraine will no longer attend the laws of USSR. de facto announced Ukraine’s independence from the Soviet Union.

Ukraine is a famous for its variety of food, famous soup called (borshch) which served in different places in Eastern Europe. Ukraine is comparatively well off in natural assets, specific in accumulations. Even though oil and natural gas retain in the country is mostly fatigued, it has other significant energy sources- such as coal, hydroelectricity and fuel organic materials.

Ukraine pavilion’s concept/Idea

Ukraine pavilion is an idea to empower visitors to live, expect and mentally alert. You can physically examine this idea in Ukraine pavilion, idea on concept of smart living, quick in thinking and smart feelings will converge at the Ukraine pavilion Expo 2020 Dubai.

The nation of Ukraine indicates in the pavilion how brilliant ideas and the latest transformations can help a nation to transform into a bright future.

While exposing the culture of Ukraine in this pavilion the have a great idea to showcase the transformed spirit of Ukraine by showing many inventions for example a-bike which can travel 380 kilometers by charging only a single time or to deprive of vision that use Sunlight to create electricity.

This pavilion will also create useful attractive flora to generate a restful atmosphere for visitors.

The Ukraine pavilion will be located in Opportunity district in World Expo 2020 Dubai.

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According to the report of Ministry of economic development and trade of Ukraine, they signed an accordance with UAE on the construction of Ukraine pavilion in Expo 2020 on 28th of May. ASGC construction LLC will be the first tender for the attainment of the activities of the construction in the Ukraine pavilion in Dubai Expo2020.

They will have to build the pavilion under the given period of the tender, ASGC construction LLC, with equipping of all the important connections of electricity, water provide etc.They will have to provide the connecting region in accordance with the demand of the Expo 2020 organizing committee.

This company is also the common developer of other national pavilions inside the framework of Expo countries for example Australia and Azerbaijan.

ASGC construction will provide an extreme range of supply, communicating, architectural and all other construction related facilities.

Theme ‘Connecting Dots’

Ukraine pavilion’s theme is ‘To smart Ukraine: connecting dots’ which describes three points: smart life, smart feelings, smart thinking.

Sectioning visitors to live, feel and think quickly and smartly.

The Ukraine pavilion will expose the theme ’Connecting dots’ by displaying various technologies. Visitors can discover how future mechanization and smart ideas can help to make a balanced world.

These three zones will join together in Ukraine pavilion, as the nation expresses how great ideas and the new inventions and innovations can help to create a bright future,

This pavilion is told to include the theme of expo- opportunity, sustainability, mobility into its expedition. It is revealed that Ukraine pavilion will focus on the betterment of living standards, using different materials effectively.

Who to visit?

Ukraine pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai will be a heaven for the people related to

  • Academics
  • Art industry
  • Tech pioneers
  • The creative thinkers
  • Inventors

There will be many more entertainment programs such as fashion shows and news worthy seminars to national fairs and interesting creative programs will be available in various pavilions in World Expo 2020 Dubai.

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