Umer Sharif, a Pakistani comedian, has died at 66

His health deteriorated in Germany while he was on his way to the US for treatment

Several German media outlets reported on Saturday that veteran Pakistani comedian Umer Sharif had died. When his health deteriorated, Sharif, 66, was on his way to seek treatment in the US. Many artists and celebrities came forward with their condolences after learning of his death.

In a video recorded for a local news outlet, Sharif requested the government help him get treatment abroad earlier in September.

According to Sharif, who looked visibly ill, doctors have told him that he must go abroad for better treatment. I believe Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital helped Imran Khan, to the best of my ability. “The doctors say I would be better off in America. I, Umer Sharif, am now speaking with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. I have always been there for you whenever you have had a problem, which is why I trust you will be there for me as well.”

Shahbaz Gill, the spokesperson for Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, later informed his followers that Khan’s office had been in touch with Sharif about Sharif’s request.

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