USA Pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai

The United states of America is a widely known country for its expeditious rate of life and quick development, so it is expected that USA pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai will welcome the spirit of mobility. Expo is a notable opportunity to showcase American culture, ideas, national leadership and American development.

US pavilion goals to occupy visitors in modernism, display latest technologies with the possibilities to move compassion into the future.       

U.S pavilion is a corporation of best U.s architecture, experiments, public connections, academic, statesmanship, financial dealing and charity firms who have join together to design, make, function, fund and demilitarize the U.S pavilion at Expo 2020.

It was decided by the U.S department of state to execute the USA pavilion following a ruthless nation-wide request for the project operation. This partnership will escort the U.S pavilion to an immense pledge that will need the cooperation of its commercial, cultural and innovative partners from all across the U.S and its region. U.S pavilion is located in Mobility Thematic district in Expo 2020 Dubai.


The respected Fredenck M.Bush, chairman D.Houston, CEO of U.S pavilion , the directorship said,’ US pavilion supplies a specific policy for our nation to join together to display the best of our trade and cultural achievements. We are devoted to the wise and good management of a pavilion that catches the world with the unbelievable variety and variations that explain the United States of America’


At the launch of US pavilion US consul general Philip Frayre and director of the US department of state’s Expo Jame core speak for the US government’ We are happy to launch first design of US pavilion and excited to introduce their first finance sponsors. We appreciate other firms, cultural and generous companies to grasp more about chances to being involved’

US pavilion is related to the concept of travel, mobility, livability and sustainability.

There will be personal rockets, robots and may more stuff in this pavilion that look like its moving itself.

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Theme ‘What Moves you? The spirit of mobility’

US pavilion Dubai Expo 2020 will protrude a sense of movement, creating the impression that the building is moving. When you will be inside of this pavilion, you may admire if the building is moving, but it is all chunk of an effect generated by the design. You will feel like a Hyperloop (a sealed tube) experiment that refurbishes a high-speed tour from Dubai to US.

Related to the theme other movements that will be mark change because of robotics, drones and space journeys. There will be showcasing the flying cars, rocket ships, block chain and many more in pavilion.

 Structure and design

American Architect Curtis W fentress designed the structure of US pavilion.

Fentress Architect an American firm has revealed the design of US pavilion, which will be permit visitors to effectively take a ride in a high speed Hyperloop. This disc shaped pavilion attribute the twist fashioned to project the commotion of movement, giving the sense that building is moving.

In addition to that a turning pathway will head place the three floors of exposition, designed by Michagin company George P Johnson Experience Marketing.

USA pavilion showcase

  • Personal rocket ships
  • Robots
  • Moving experience
  • Visitors can experience the excite American earliest from the past, present and future.
  • There will be Music, dance, literature, food, sports, art, theatre and many cultural associations to showcase the various nature of the nation and its region.

US Expos are also known as World’s fairs. They are great opportunities to showcase American ideals, culture, business and world side leadership.

The U.S pavilion is built by the liberality of the Emiratis government in identification of the strong relation and partnership between the US and U.A.E.

This will be a great opportunity for international visitors to experience the US pavilion at Expo 2020 in October 2020.

25 million visitors are expected to visit during these six months of Expo Dubai.

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