Would you like a mobile number like #10?Shorten your phone number with Etisalat

Etisalat New Service – Etisalat has launched a service in the United Arab Emirates that shortens phone numbers to just two digits. TAG, the 40 special codes that shorten phone numbers, is getting some serious interest, with ‘#10’ being listed at a starting price of Dh200,000 – the highest in the lot.

Etisalat New Service – Emirates Auction provides the service in cooperation with Etisalat. Subscribers to the service are assigned an individual #TAG number associated with their postpaid phone number. By using the #TAG, you can reach them instead of dialing their 10-digit phone number.

If a person with the phone number 050-XXXXXXX buys the #TAG, they can be dialed up with the number 100. In this case, a code will be inserted into the subscriber’s existing postpaid mobile number, not a new number.

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